Foreign Languages Teachers Recruitment in Weihai, Shandong

March 19, 2023
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Job Description


Employer: Shandong University (website)


The School of Translation Studies, Shandong University at Weihai is looking for foreign teachers.

一、 招聘岗位/Position

外籍英语教师 Foreign English Teacher
外籍西班牙语教师 Foreign Spanish Teacher
外籍俄语教师 Foreign Russian Teacher
外籍德语教师 Foreign German Teacher
外籍日语教师 Foreign Japanese Teacher


二、岗位职责/Job Overview


Teaching foreign language writing, speaking and other related courses for undergraduates.

三、岗位条件/Job Requirements

  1. 具有良好的思想道德素质和职业道德素养;

Being with good moral quality and professional ethics;

  1. 具有较强的沟通能力,工作态度积极、主动、配合;

Being good at communication and with positive and cooperative working attitude;

  1. 年龄在55周岁以下,身体健康;

Under the age of 55 and in good health;

  1. 母语为英语/法语/德语/俄语/西班牙语/日语,且同时满足以下条件之一:

Native English/French/German/Russian/Japanese speaker who meets one of the following criteria:


Master degree or above, with more than two years of language teaching experience


Bachelor’s degree or above in education, language or teaching


Teacher’s qualification certificate in the home country


TEFL certificate