Foreign Teachers Recruitment

Job Description

Our school is located on the banks of the Fuchun River in the Fuyang District of Hangzhou.The school aims to cultivate the talents of students who are exceptionally gifted in languages,a rts and sciences.

Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated SISU Hangzhou is an incredible new school with a golf course, Olympic sized swimming pool, dedicated Fine Arts, Science, Mathematics, Language, STEAM/STEM buildings and more. All parts of this K-12 School are equipped with 21st century technology and is uniquely design by world-famous architect Broadway Malyan. The campus covers 212 acres of land surrounded by the gorgeous Fuyang mountains and the famous Fuchan River of Hangzhou. We are a K-12 educational environment, well invested, with a family, cooperative working environment.

Besides our great benefits, bonuses, and reasonable salaries of 22-30K, we are looking for truly professional educators dedicated to the development of children, a school, a community. We have opportunities to grow in leadership and personally through a commitment to and investment in professional development. This is truly exciting opportunity for educators looking for a career and making a positive difference in education.

Our requirements are Native English-Speaking applicants, 45 and younger, at least 3 years experience in teaching their subject matter, and are creative, energetic, dedicated, and passionate about educating the youth of tomorrow while contributing to the development of the school.

We have wonderful opportunities in the following: High School Business Economics and Humanities/Fine Arts teacher, Middle/High School PE, Music, and English teachers, Primary School English teachers, and Kindergarten English teachers.