English/French/Portuguese Teachers

November 18, 2023

Job Description

Position: Full-time English/French/Portuguese Teacher

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1) Native English/French/Portuguese speaker
  • 2) Bachelor’s degree
  • 3) Teaching experience

Work Duties:

  1. Prepare lessons well prior to teaching
  2. Conduct lessons in the area of expertise of English/French/Portuguese language to undergraduate students.
  3. Assess students’ work, including midterm and final exams, and report the assessments to the appropriate department.
  4. Organize extra curricular activities, English/French/Portuguese Corner, office hours, and collaborate with partner teachers on a regular basis.

Workload: Up to 16 hours of classes per week, plus organizing extra curricular activities such as English/French/Portuguese corner, giving lectures on different topics about the language learning, the history, culture and education etc., on average less than one hour each week.

Monthly salary:

  • Salary will depend on relevant qualifications and teaching experience. It will be in the range of 4800 to 5800 yuan per month.
  • 6-week paid winter vacation.
  • If the contract get renewed for another year, one month salary is paid in August as bonus.

Flight Reimbursement:

Upon completion of a one-year contract, the university will reimburse foreign teachers round-trip air tickets between place of origin and gateway city in China & round-trip train tickets between gateway city and Lanzhou or an 8000 yuan round-trip fare allowance.