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Job Description

About Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade (FUIST), as a full-time regular undergraduate institution established upon the approval by the Ministry of Education, is the initiator and Vice Chairman of the National Alliance of Non-profit Private Colleges & Universities, and Executive Vice President of the Higher Education Professional Committee of China Private Education Association. FUIST also provides cooperative program for postgraduates along with other colleges and universities. According to the latest 2023 China University Rankings released by Cuaa.Net, FUIST was highly recognized as one of the six-star private colleges and universities in China, coming to the fourth place in the ranking of private colleges and universities in China in terms of comprehensive indicators while defending its first place in Fujian Province. In order to further enhance the internationalization of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade(FUIST), broaden students’ international vision and attract excellent international teachers, FUIST releases recruitment for excellent foreign teachers with relevant information as follows:

FUIST recruits teachers in Language Teaching and Subject Teaching. The employment will be full-time under contract management and principles.

  • Language Language Teaching: English, French, Spanish, Japanese
  • Subject Teaching: Major in Management, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Civil Architecture, E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce, Digital Art, Product Design, Network and New Media, Clothing and Design, Education, Art and Design, etc


  • In good health, friendly to China and willing to cooperate
  • Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and relevant rules and regulations of the University.
  • No illegal and criminal records, no unresolved legal and case disputes.
  • Applicants for Language Teaching should be engaged in the teaching with mother tongue with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and have at least 2-year teaching experience. Working experience may be exempted if applicants hold a Bachelor’s degrees or higher in pedagogy, language teaching or education, or if applicants hold national or international language teaching qualification certificates.
  • Applicants for Subject Teaching should at least have a Doctor’s degree, or have been employed as an assistant professor or higher professional titles. Besides, applicants should be capable of teaching and conducting academic research in relevant subjects.


The foreign teacher’s salary will be determined comprehensively according to factors such as post type, tasks, professional titles, education backgrounds, etc. The details can be negotiated. Foreign teachers with doctoral degrees: annual salary of 190,000 to 600,000 RMB, research fund of 100,000RMB,settlement allowance and house purchase subsidy of 110,000-300,000RMB,doctoral allowance of 30,000RMB,/year, outstanding talents can implement one person one policy.

  1. Outstanding talents can be directly employed as professors or associate professors;
  2. Support the application of talent projects of all levels and types, and enjoy the corresponding treatment after being selected;
  3. Assist in arranging the work of the expatriate spouses of high-level talents and the enrollment of their children;
  4. Provide free fine decoration apartments with supporting facilities, campus network and certain amount of water and electricity;
  5. Three meals are free of charge, and five lines of school buses are regularly picked up from Fuzhou city to the school
  6. Provide staff physical examination, summer exchange visit, free use of campus gym and colorful union activities;
  7. School age allowance will be provided according to the working years, annual birthday gift will be provided, and festival condolence money will be provided on major national festivals;
  8. Provide airfare allowance;
  9. Provide travel allowances;
  10. Enjoy holidays in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and relevant regulations of the university;
  11. Purchase insurance for foreign teachers as required.