Foreign Languages Teachers, Fudan University

October 31, 2023

Job Description



The School of Foreign Languages of Fudan University currently consists of eight departments, one department and one centre, namely: the Department of English, the Department of French, the Department of German, the Department of Japanese, the Department of Russian, the Department of Korean, the Department of Translation, the Department of Spanish, the Department of University English Teaching, and the Centre for Multilingualism. The College also has a number of research institutes, including the Institute of Linguistics, the Institute of Foreign Literature, the Institute of Francophonie, the Institute of Nordic Literature, the Bilingual Dictionary Compilation Research Unit, the Shakespeare Research Unit, and the Native American Literature Research Unit.

There are currently 161 full-time teachers, including 4 foreign experts, 55% of whom have senior titles, and 23 doctoral supervisors. In addition, there are about 15 foreign teachers on full time appointment.

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