Future Opportunities for the 2023-2024 School Year with BASIS International School Nanjing

September 22, 2022
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Future Opportunities for the 2023-2024 School Year with BASIS International School Nanjing

Are you interested in joining an established, high achieving, and rapidly growing school network? Apply now for future opportunities with BASIS International School Nanjing!

About BASIS International Schools

The first BASIS International School opened in Shenzhen in 2015, and was the first BASIS Curriculum school outside of the United States. BASIS International School Shenzhen welcomed over 400 students in grades Pre-K – 10 in what was recognized as the largest opening of an international school in the history of southern China. The school now serves students in grades Pre-K – 12. Our second campus, BASIS International School Guangzhou, opened in 2017 and was our first school to offer a week-day boarding program.

BASIS International School Nanjing opened in 2019, and currently serves students in grades Pre-K – 11, and will expand to grade 12 and a capacity of 1,200 students.. The school’s facilities include top of the line classrooms, sport courts, track and field, indoor swimming pool, auditorium, Apple computer lab, and a multipurpose activity center.

Nanjing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitols of China, and is known as one of China’s most beautiful cities with both natural and ancient wonders to explore. It also has Asia’s largest high-speed rail station with easy access to cities such as Beijing (3 hours), Hangzhou (1 hour), and Shanghai (1.5 hours).

Our school is located in Nanjing’s Xialin University Town in the Qixia District-home to Qixia Mountain, numerous historical sites, a vibrant arts community, museums, and beautiful scenery along the banks of the Yangtze River. There are Asian and Western restaurants located near the school, with many walkable streets and parks, and easy subway access to city living around downtown Nanjing.

Our network has continued to grow with BASIS International Schools Park Lane Harbour and Hangzhou opened in 2018, BASIS International School Nanjing in 2019, and our first bilingual school, BASIS Bilingual School Shenzhen, in 2020. We are continuing to expand and grow into new cities and seeking talented educators to grow with us!

Teaching with BASIS International Schools

Our teachers are the foundation upon which all BASIS International Schools are built. BASIS International Schools teachers are part of one of the most collaborative and professional teaching communities in international education. Our teachers are knowledge, passionate, and believe in transforming education. As part of our teaching community, BASIS International Schools teachers motivate students to reach their highest potential, while also elevating their own skills through peer collaboration and a culture where learning is of the greatest importance.

What are we looking for?

We call our teachers “Subject Expert Teachers” because they are. We require our teacher’s to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, or have taken at least 24 credit hours, in the subject they teach; and a large number of our teachers hold Master’s and doctoral degrees. Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education or Development degrees are encouraged for many elementary positions. We also require a minimum of two years’ experience as a lead teacher.

As part of a collaborative teaching community that teaches a high achieving curriculum to motivated students, it is essential for our teachers to not only be able to communicate ideas, texts, and concepts with precision and confidence, but also be open to new ideas in teaching. Our teachers come from all over the world with a wide variety of curricular background and experience, and seek to grow together and learn from each other.

Benefits and Salary

The salary for our teaching and school leadership positions is competitive and dependent upon education and experience. BASIS International Schools in China offers a comprehensive and generous benefits package, including global health coverage (including U.S.), housing allowance, retirement benefit, travel assistance, moving allowance and assistance, and more. We also provide assistance in obtaining a visa.

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