Global Ecommerce – Strategy Analyst, Seller

September 24, 2022

Job Description

ShanghaiOperationsExperiencedJob ID: G3478


1. Work closely with operation team, outbound team and export lead conversion strategy, identify and deepdive into key problems, formulate the goal and key strategy for seller acquisition team;
2. lead the analysis and project management in the iteration of lead management methodology and tools, seller outreach channels and the implementation of marketing methods in various scenarios;
3. Responsible for seller CRM product analysis and operation, covering lead generation management, lead ranking and segment analysis, seller segment and outreaching strategy;
4. Quantify and track the effect of operational actions and find out the optimization direction of the product and operation plan, pushing forward the product requirements and ensuring fulfillment;
5. Accumulate and share learnings and insights to drive best practice with internal and external teams.


1. Bachelor’s Degree or above, 3+ year experiences in business analysis and data strategy, experience in CRM product and analysis is preferred;
2. Strong data processing skills and good data sense, ability to deal with complex business analysis and combine quantitative and qualitative data analysis, effectively discover product problems and opportunities, and optimize the direction of improvement for operation planning;
3. Have good communication and coordination ability, can handle multi-department cooperation, and actively promote the realization of project requirements;
4. Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Chinese;
5. Quick learner, proactive and resilient, ability to cope well under pressure.

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