Growth Marketing…

September 23, 2022

Job Description

Growth Marketing internShanghaiOperations – Commerce opsIntern- Involved in Email distribution strategy for all leads and advertisers that are interested in Advertisement Business across the globe
– Setup multi-language email templates for newsletters, webinars, product announcements and more.
– Run A/B Tests for Emails (Email subject, email drip sequence, timing, frequency, etc.)
– Measure Performance for various email drip campaigns, discover learnings and insights, optimize performance.
– Landing Page expansion and optimization
– Develop multi-language landing pages for paid campaigns on social and SEM channels based on various industry verticals, keyword categories and seasonal requirements
– Run A/B tests for landing pages to improve conversion rates
– Involved in scaling organic traffic through Inbound
– Execute Blog distribution strategy – liase with various stakeholders to ensure blog promotion on multiple social channels, emails, etc.
– Draft engagement emails such as Blog Newsletters, Trending Articles Showcase, etc. And distribute emails to leads and advertisers
– Measure blog performance and improve engagement rates for blog by working with copywriters, product managers, etc.
– Optimize Blogs so that readers either sign up on the platform, subscribe to the blog or leave lead information.
– Data Analysis
– Perform country and marketing channel analysis to understand acquistion trends
– Analyze and provide recommendations on expansion opportunities for channels that are showing good ROI
– Create and share performance reports and insights with key stakeholder in various geographies
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