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December 5, 2023
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澄迈县老城力迈中美学校是北京力迈中美国际学校的直属学校,是北京力迈中美国际学校在海南打造的第一所小而精美的九年一贯制学校。北京力迈在北京有六个校区,美国洛杉矶有六个校区,其它省市还有十多个校区。 澄迈县老城力迈中美学校位于海口保税区(老城开发区),班额设置:小学部18个班级,初中12个班级,其中双语班30人/班。采用国内名师加全外教纯英语教学,配合个性化课程,助力学生尽展个性风采。

Hainan Chengmai Limai Chinese American School is a directly affiliated school of Beijing Limai Chinese American International School. It is the first small and exquisite nine-year consistent school. Beijing Limai has six campuses in Beijing, six campuses in Los Angeles, and more than ten campuses in other provinces and cities. Chengmai campus is located in Haikou Free Trade Zone (Old City Development Zone), with a class size of 18 classes in the primary school department and 12 classes in the junior high school, including 30 bilingual classes per class. Adopting domestic renowned teachers and all foreign teachers for pure English teaching, combined with personalized courses, to help students fully showcase their personal style.


1. Please send your resume to:
2. Contact phone numbers: 18589596757, 15208917623
3. Contact person: Teacher Tan