High School Mathematics Teacher

March 19, 2024

Job Description

Position Summary:

As a High School Mathematics Teacher, you will play a vital role in providing our students with a strong foundation in mathematics. You will be responsible for designing and delivering engaging lessons, assessing student progress, and fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. This position requires a deep understanding of mathematics concepts, strong pedagogical skills, and a commitment to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of our students.

Key Responsibilities:

– Develop and implement a comprehensive high school mathematics curriculum aligned with international standards.

– Plan and deliver effective and engaging mathematics lessons that cater to a diverse group of students with varying abilities.

– Use a variety of teaching strategies and resources to actively involve students in their learning.

– Create a positive and inclusive classroom environment that encourages student participation and inquiry.

– Assess and monitor student progress through formative and summative assessments, providing timely and constructive feedback.

– Collaborate with colleagues to ensure a cohesive and interdisciplinary approach to education.

– Participate in professional development activities to stay current with best practices in mathematics education.

– Provide support and guidance to students, fostering their academic growth and personal development.

– Engage in open communication with parents, sharing information on student progress and addressing their concerns.

– Contribute to the school’s extra-curricular activities and events that promote a well-rounded educational experience.


– Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or related field (Master’s degree preferred)

– Teaching certification/license (PGCE/QTS/Teaching license preferred)

– Proven experience in teaching high school mathematics

– Strong knowledge of international mathematics curricula, such as A-Level or AP

– Excellent communication and classroom management skills

– Commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse learning environment

– Passion for teaching and dedication to student success

– Flexibility and adaptability in the ever-changing field of education


– Housing allowance

– Flight reimbursement

– Winter/summer vacation pay

– School meals

– Chinese health insurance provided

– Legal Z work visa sponsorship and application assistance

– Teaching/living support for the entire duration of your working contract