HS Computer Science Teacher – tentative

October 9, 2022

Job Description

Position Title: HS Computer Science Teacher
Division: High School
Supervisor: High School Principal
Position Summary:
The High School Computer Science teacher designs and delivers in-person, online, and beyond the classroom learning experiences that inspire students to solve authentic problems in local, regional and/or global STEM contexts.  To meet Concordia schoolwide learning outcomes (SLOs) and course-specific outcomes, the teacher carries out responsibilities in these four domains: Planning & Preparation, Classroom Management, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities.
▪      Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related field
▪      Master’s degree or Doctorate in Computer Science or closely related field
▪      Three to five years successful teaching of computer science in an online or face-to-face school or university setting, including AP Computer Science A and/or IB Computer Science SL/HL
▪      Experience teaching Data Structures and Algorithms
▪       Working with students with learning needs and ELL
▪       Experience in Robotics
▪      Experience teaching Machine Learning
▪      Experience in Game Design, Mobile Applications, and/or Virtual Reality
▪      Experience designing signature courses in Computer Science
▪      Previous experience in an international school and familiarity with American and other educational systems
▪       Certification or training in ELL support and differentiation
▪      Experience with object-oriented programming languages (Python, Java)
▪      Experience with SWIFT (desired, not required)
▪       Excellent knowledge of the developmental needs of high school students
▪      Skilled in the use of a variety of assessment strategies and differentiated or personalized learning techniques
▪      Skilled in the design and delivery of blended learning experiences, not only the integration of technology during instructor-led classroom learning
▪      Skilled in the use of high-impact instructional strategies
▪      Skilled in the design of units of inquiry based on the Understanding by Design (UbD, Wiggins & McTighe) model
▪      Communicates well with a diverse community, proficient writing skills
▪      Strong organizational and time management skills
Teacher Expectations
▪     As a school grounded in the Christian faith, Concordia hires Christian teachers and administrators.  Concordia seeks to hire candidates who are able to model their faith, are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality, and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith positions.
▪     Establish collaborative relationships with all staff, students and parents
▪     Engage parents and students in meaningful discussions about learning and student achievement
▪     Commit and contribute to the school community – play an active, positive and supportive role in addressing the needs of the whole child and the ethos of Concordia beyond the classroom.  This includes participation in school-sponsored educational trips that require a teacher to be away from home overnight, such as HS Interim and MS trips.
▪     Lead co-curricular activities during the school year
  • Integrate the school curriculum with the school’s student learning expectations (ESLRs). 
    • Insightful Learners 
    • Effective Communicators
    • Reflective Spiritual Beings
    • Principle-Centered Leaders and Team Members
    • Active Global Citizens
  • Teach the curricula established by the school.
    • Complete all aspects of the Rubicon Atlas standard-referenced curriculum for the current teaching assignment.
    • Develop and maintain Rubicon Atlas curriculum maps. 
    • Select and use school-approved teaching strategies and classroom resources. 
  • Ensure that personal professional goals are established and completed each year.
  • Understanding of employment.
    • Oversee, when appropriate, Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals/Support Staff in working with or monitoring children and managing clerical tasks.  
    • On regular school days, all teachers are on duty between 7:45AM and 3:45PM, not inclusive of activities and meetings.
    • Undertake additional duties that may reasonably be assigned or requested by the Supervisor.
    • Concordia reserves the right to reassign a teacher to a teaching duty commensurate with their educational training and experience.  Such a decision will be made by school administrators and be guided by what is in the best educational interest of students and the school as a whole.
Professional Practice/Concordia Fit
Concordia teachers are expected to function in the Proficient or Distinguished categories.
  • Planning and Preparation
    • Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
    • Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
    • Setting Instructional Outcomes
    • Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
    • Designing Coherent Instruction
    • Designing Student Assessments
  • Classroom Environment
    • Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
    • Establishing a Culture of Learning 
    • Managing Classroom Procedures
    • Managing Student Behavior
    • Organizing Physical Space
  • Instruction
    • Communicating with Students
    • Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
    • Engaging Students in Learning
    • Using Assessment in Instruction
    • Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Professional Responsibilities
    • Reflecting on Teaching
    • Maintaining Accurate Records
    • Communicating with Families 
    • Participating in the Professional Community
    • Growing and Developing Professionally
    • Showing Professionalism