HS Counselor

October 28, 2022

Job Description

Position Title:     High School Counselor
Division:              High School
Supervisor:         High School Principal
Position Summary:
The high school counselor works with a team of counselors to provide a comprehensive counseling program to students in grades 9-12.  This includes caring for the social, emotional, academic, and college/career development needs of students under his/her care.   (S)he also consults with parents, teachers, and administration to best meet student needs.
▪            Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject area
▪            Appropriate counselor certification
▪       A master’s degree in counseling
▪       High school counseling experience
▪       College counseling experience
▪       High school counseling experience in an international setting
▪       Well-established connections with university admissions offices
▪       Experience in marriage and family therapy
▪       Working successfully with an ethnically diverse population
▪       Active listening
▪       Effective communicator – communicates well with a diverse community, proficient writing skills
▪       Effective problem solving
▪       Strong organizational and time management skills
▪       Cultural sensitivity
▪       Diplomacy
▪       Able to effectively collaborate with colleagues
▪       Experience with Naviance
▪       Crisis counseling
▪       Excellent knowledge of the developmental needs of students in this age group
▪       Knowledge of and experience in using a variety of assessments and differentiated learning techniques.
▪       Grounded in knowledge about teaching and learning
▪       Highly skillful at using technology
General Expectations
▪       As a school grounded in the Christian faith, we hire Christian teachers, counselors, and administrators. Concordia seeks to hire candidates who are able to model their faith, are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality, and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith traditions.
▪       Addressing the needs of the whole child is an important part of Concordia’s ethos and a member of Concordia’s faculty embraces opportunities to work with students beyond the classroom for extra-curricular activities.
▪       Seeks out the opportunities to work with and learn from their peers.
▪       On regular school days, all faculty members are on duty between 7:45AM and 3:45PM, not inclusive of activities and meetings.
▪       Other duties as assigned.
Key Areas of Responsibility—to be assigned from the following
  • Social/Emotional/Academic Counseling
ü  Track at-risk students
ü  Provide individual counseling service to students
ü  Maintain an open channel of communication with parents and teachers regarding   student concerns
ü  Maintain resource bank for referral services
ü  Assist with transition program for grade 9 students
ü  Assist with transition program for new and departing students
ü  Provide crisis counseling as needed
  • College Counseling
ü  Coordinate college planning activities for grades 9-12, including parent/student meetings
ü  Maintain current college admission materials
ü  Coordinate college visits and fairs
ü  Coordinate and process college application materials for grade12 students
  • Professional Development & Networking
ü  Attend local counselor meetings
ü  Maintain membership in professional organizations – OACAC and ASCA
ü  Participate in professional growth experiences such as courses, workshops or conferences in order to improve planning and preparation, management, instruction and grow professionally.
  • Teaching Assignment
ü  Grade level guidance as appropriate
·       AP Testing Coordination
  • Co-curricular Activities—Addressing the needs of the whole child is an important part of our ethos and a Concordia teacher embraces opportunities to work with students beyond the classroom.
ü  Contribute to the school and community by participating in one or more student activities outside of the classroom.  Teachers lead or assist with an after-school activities/clubs, coach, and/or direct artistic performances in order to provide students with a variety of opportunities to widen their interests and develop alternate means of self-expression. 
ü  Participate actively in off-campus educational field-experiences
ü  Support student activities through attendance at and encouragement of student participation in co-curriculars.