Industrial Design Instructor/Lecturer

January 2, 2020
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

About BUCT 北京化工大学简介


Founded in 1958 and formerly known as Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology has become a nationally recognized multidisciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education. In the last decade alone, BUCT has made considerable strides in the core fields of science and technology as well as integrating the academic disciplines of management, economics, law, the liberal arts, education and medicine to its curriculum and comprehensive outlook. Now, BUCT has its roots firmly planted on the national stage, becoming a key contributor in both the national ‘211 Project’ and the ‘985 Advantage Subject Innovation Platform,’ while keeping to the original goal of pursuing advanced scientific research and the development of high technology.



Introduction to the School of International Education



The School of International Education (SIE) was established in 2011 as an international education platform for BUCT to implement the strategy of cultivating international talents and introduce high quality overseas education resources. SIE is engaged in running Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Education programs (CCE programs) and offers educational programs for international students, including foundation, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs at BUCT.

Answering the country’s call for competitive talents with international visions, SIE strives for developing interdisciplinary talents with international communicative competence and building collaborative relationships with overseas universities and institutions to introduce advanced disciplines, education concepts, faculty, teaching methodology and quality assurance systems to BUCT. SIE constantly enhances its curriculum design, quality of teaching and administration which has made positive impacts on university’s interdisciplinary program development, engineering course structure, education philosophy, professional development and administration. To leverage the strengths of BUCT education programs with those from international partner universities and institutions, SIE has established the following CCE double degree programs approved by the Ministry of Education of China:

  1.   B.E. in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Its Automation from BUCT in collaboration with B.E. in Robotics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering from University of Detroit Mercy (UDM)
  2.   B.E. in Bio Engineering in collaboration with B.E. in Bioprocess Engineering from State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF)
  3.   B.E. in Industrial Design in collaboration with Bachelor in Product Design from University of Genoa (UNIGE).



The School of International Education is seeking expressions of interest from qualified persons to fill the position of Industrial Design Instructor. As an Industrial Design Instructor or lecturer, the candidate is acting as a representative of the CCE Industrial Design program in SIE and shall meet with professionalism at all levels and a dedication to excellence in the academic experience to SIE students.

北京化工大学国际教育学院与意大利热那亚大学联合举办“工业设计”中外合作办学本科项目。在开展教育教学过程中,急需聘请一名高水平的工业设计专业讲师。 作为工业设计专业的代表,候选人将与学院和合作院校的专家和教师进行学术交流、协助学院领导协调项目运行中遇到的问题、同时承担专业课程授课任务。


Position: Industrial Design Instructor/Lecturer



Job requirements 任职要求

  1. Possessing a design-related master degree or above, and degree in Industrial Design is particularly welcomed.


  1. Fluent English or Italian language .


  1. Passionate in education and having a strong sense of responsibility.


  1. Abiding by Chinese laws and regulations.


  1. Good communication, organization and coordination skills.


  1.     Good physical and psychological conditions.



Job Description 岗位职责

  1. Carrying out academic activities for Industrial Design students, including theory and practice teaching;


  1. Preparing instructional materials, including course outlines, syllabi, exams, workshop, grading and uploading grades in BUCT Teaching Administration System;


  1. Assisting the courses conduction and integration with the teaching staff from University of Genoa;


  1. Guiding students to participate in competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship activities that related to industrial design;


  1. Assisting SIE to implement the CCE program in Industrial Design, including the revision of teaching curriculum, course organization or integration between UNIGE and BUCT, organizing teaching activities, designing and setting up new laboratory and etc.;


  1. Carrying out related research activities;


  1. Participating in teachers’ training, teaching seminar and teaching assessment, and etc.



Job Vacancy: 2




Negotiable according to the background.






Please submit your CV to Ms. Esther Gao at if you are interested in this position.