Instructional Coach, Staff Professional Development

March 23, 2024

Job Description

Job Summary:

Responsible for improving student achievement and building a collaborative approach to teaching among staff, building teacher capacity and their understanding of instructional practices, supporting teachers in order to ensure student success, responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through the coaching cycle. This role involves:

• modelling lessons in the classroom
• supporting the instructional development of all teachers, providing direction consistent with district and school initiatives and best practices, and assisting teacher with resources
• purchasing and implementing of new curriculums
• serving on the school leadership
• providing support and modelling collaborative team planning
• using data to improve instructional on all levels
• informally observing lessons and providing feedback
• developing staff members and coaching plans and providing job-embedded informal professional learning
• staying abreast of current research and educational best practice and informing the leadership and school continuous improvement team on innovative practice
• carrying out the other duties as requested by the supervisor

Qualifications and requirements:

Has a Bachelor Degree in education with a valid Teaching License, experience of being a classroom teacher.