International Homeroom Teacher

March 20, 2024

Job Description





Grade Level



Language, Writing & Culture


Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Job Description

Deliver well-planned, engaging and creative learning experiences for their class(es.)
Ensure student progress is accurately monitored and recorded.
Deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for all students in their care.
Value the home-school partnership and engage with parents.
Ensure excellent pastoral care.
Contribute to the co-curricular program and whole-school activities in a committed and enthusiastic manner.
Maintain high standards of professionalism.
Be prepared to go the “extra mile.”

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or above, holding TEFL \ TESOL certificate.
Native English-speaking nationality and meet the requirements for a work visa.
Love education, abide by the law, have good moral character, good health, love students, and dedication to their work.
Have professional skills and rich teaching experience.
Versatile and able to provide students with a wealth of curriculum related activities.
Good rapport, gentle personality, and excellent communication skills.
A high degree of responsibility, strong teamwork spirit, and the ability to teach in collaboration with other teachers.
Advanced education and teaching concepts and the spirit of innovation.
International and bilingual schools/kindergarten or related positions work experience is preferred

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