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Job Description

雇用主 Employer: Zhejiang Sci-Tech University 浙江理工大学 (website)


Zhejiang Sci-Tech University is located in Hangzhou. ZSTU is a provincial key university focusing on engineering, with distinct characteristics and advantages as well as the coordinated development of the various disciplines of sciences, engineering, arts, economics, management, law, fine art, education, etc.


Job Summary

1. 開始時期 2023年3月~2023年1月(継続契約は業績による)
2. 受講者の年齢:20歳代
3. クラス人数:25〜45名程度
4. 仕事量 月曜日から金曜日までの週16時限(1時限45分)。
5. 仕事の内容 日本語の指導

1. Starting Date: Mar. 2023 – Jan. 2023 (continued contract depends on your performance)
2. Students’ age: in twenties
3. Class size: about 25-45 students
4. Workload: 16 periods per week from Monday to Friday (45 minutes per period)
5. Job Content: Japanese Language Teaching


Job Requirements:

1. 国籍は?日本語を母国語とする
2. 年齢:23歳~60歳の健康な方
3. 学歴:学士以上(教育学専攻で教職経験者優遇)。
4. 契約期間:3月1日から翌年1月31日までの1学期間。
5. 科目 日本語聴解・会話、日本語口頭、日本語作文、文学(ほとんどが会話中心)。
6. 6.国境政策が不透明なため、中国にいる先生を優先していますが、海外からの応募も受け付けています。

1. Nationality: Japanese as mother tongue
2. Age: 23 ~ 60 in good health
3. Education: bachelor or above (Education majors with teaching experiences are preferred).
4. Contract Duration: one academic year, from Mar. 1 to Jan 31 the following year.
5. Courses: Japanese Listening & Speaking, Oral Japanese, Japanese Writing, Literature (Most are conversation based).
6. Due to the uncertain border policy, we prefer to consider teachers who are in China, although overseas applications are also accepted.


Salary and Benefits:


Monthly Salary with 16 periods per week: from 10,000 RMB/month. An increase of ¥100 (RMB) per period of Listening & Speaking, Oral Japanese, etc., and ¥120 (RMB) per period of Japanese Writing and other substantial courses will be added to a foreign teacher’s salary for any approved overtime working periods.¥1,100 will be given as traveling bonus every semester.





食事 キャンパス内のカフェテリアの食事

Airfare Reimbursement:
1) No more than RMB ¥4,000 for one-academic-year contract.

Aapartments are served mainly on the “first come, first served” basis while priority shall be given to teachers with family members and/or senior teachers. All are about 10-15minutes’ walk away from the campus and are equipped with basic furniture, telephone, 1 air-conditioner/heater, 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave, 1 induction cooker, 1 washing machine, 1 TV, 1 DVD, 1 water heater, 1 purified water unit, ADSL (computers are in the process of application), etc.

*For the school year of 2022-23, we have a spacious apartment available 70-90 square meters, 2 bedrooms (one can be used as a study), 1 living room, 1 storeroom, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, and 1 balcony. Teachers will need to pay CNY 2000/month for the apartment, it is still much cheaper to rent the same apartment if you choose to live off campus.

Food: Cafeteria food on campus
Water and Local Phone Call Bill: Covered by the university.
Electricity Bill: 300 kilowatt-hours per month covered by the university, extra amount covered by foreign teachers themselves.
Insurance: Bills for Comprehensive Protection Scheme (a kind of insurance in China as a supplement to foreign teachers’ own protection scheme) shall be covered by the university. Before the service at ZSTU, foreign teachers are expected to buy insurance regarding life and health protection in their own countries for any insurance liability.




  1. 履歴書
  2. 卒業証書または日本語教師証のコピー

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  1. Your CV
  2. Copy of your diploma or Japanese teaching certificate



For more information about the university, please visit ZSTU in English and Wikipedia Page.

For more information about the city of Hangzhou, please visit and Click on to watch a video about Hangzhou.