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BASIS International School Hangzhou opened in 2018 with more than 400 students in Kindergarten – Grade 9, and now courses are offered through Grade 12. The campus is purpose-built, and is capable of housing 1,000 students. It is divided into two buildings: one for Early Years Learning, and the other for Grades 1 – 12. The facilities include a gymnasium, Apple computer lab, cafeteria, outdoor track and field, and a black-box theater that can open into an outdoor amphitheater.

Our faculty team is made up of teachers and administrators from around the world. The variety of cultures and experiences represented come to life through events such as the BASIS International School Hangzhou World Fair, the variety of arts performances and displays presented, and academic excellence encoruaged by our expert teachers.

The school celebrated their first graduating senior class in 2022, and its graduates have been accepted to many prestigious universities and colleges around the world, including UCLA, New York University, University of Toronto, Emory, Imperial College London, and many others.

Living in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is often considered the city where one wants to spend retirement in China. But when Jack Ma made it the headquarters for Alibaba, it also became a hub of commerce that hosted a G-20 summit and FIBA’s World Cup and Asian Games. Its downtown has a modern skyline along the Qiangtang River that lights up at night with a fantastic array of images; in stark contrast to the nearby peaceful West Lake area, with beautiful tree-lined paths winding around the historic lake with tea houses, restaurants, shops, and five-star hotels nestled away.

Our school campus is about a 15-minute drive to either downtown or West Lake, and the train station is about 5 minutes away–once on a bullet train, you’ll be in Shanghai in 40 minutes. Since its China’s equivalent to Seattle (home of Amazon), you can have everything delivered to your door, from Western groceries, to household items, to clothing. It also has a vibrant clothing wholesale district that has built up around Alibaba.

Hangzhou is a close-knit city that has most everything of what you need, so it’s fast and easy to get around the city. Many Western restaurants, clothing stores, and a two-story, glass enclosed Apple store that rivals Manhattan’s are found at Raffles and Mix-C, but the city’s close proximity to Shanghai means the world is practically next door.

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