Job Opportunities for Foreign Research Fellows in the Institute of Middle East Studies, Northwest University of China

October 10, 2022
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Job Description

The Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES), Northwest University of China

Location: Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Job Type: Research Fellow

About the IMES:

The Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES), Northwest University of China (, formerly known as the Institute of Islamic Studies, Northwest University of China, was established in 1964 and is the biggest Middle Eastern research establishment in China. The research centers affiliated with the IMES include the Palestine Research Center, the Iran Research Center, and the South Asia Research Center. The IMES focuses on the World History, Middle East History and Middle East politics with the Doctoral Program in First-Level Disciplines from China’s Education Ministry, and Post-Doctoral Mobile Station. The IMES serves as the platform for Center for the National and Regional Studies of China’s Education Ministry, the National and Regional Studies of National Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People’s Republic of China, Key Base for Philosophy and Social Sciences of Shaanxi Province, New-Style Think Tank of Shaanxi Province and Key Research Base for Humanity and Social Sciences of Shaanxi Universities. The IMES is enlisted into the China Think Tank Index.

Candidate Should:

1) Adhere to teaching and academic integrity and ethics without criminal record, and be able to teach at least 90 days in total per year in the contract term (48 months);

2) Focus on the history or politics of West Asia, South Asia and Central Asia;

3) Be capable of fluent English and Middle Eastern languages; (Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew)

4) Have a Ph.D. in History, International Relations or other related disciplines;

5) Be Capable of academic research, teaching, and student mentorship.

We Would Provide You With:

1) Competitive Salary;

2) Children’s School Enrollment;

3) Foreigners Apartment or Housing Subsidy.

Qualified candidates should send a CV with self-introduction and a list of published academic achievements to: [email protected] (Professor Yan Wei, Vice Director, the IMES).








1 遵守教师道德与学术规范,无犯罪记录,在聘任期间每年从事不少于90天的教学工作;

2 关注西亚、中亚和南亚的历史与政治;

3 流利的英文和主要中东国家文字能力;

4 拥有历史学、国际关系或者其他相关学科的博士学位;

5 能够开展科研、教学和学生工作。


1 具有竞争力的薪酬;

2 子女入园入学;

3 外教公寓或住房补贴。

符合条件的有意申请者,请将包含自我介绍和学术成果的简历,发送至西北大学中东研究所副所长闫伟教授的邮箱:[email protected]