Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

March 22, 2024

Job Description





Grade Level



Language, Writing & Culture


Wuhan, China

Job Responsibilities
1, Implement and review the age-appropriate curriculum in accordance with the kindergarten’s philosophy and program objectives.
2, Attend and participate in training sessions and meetings as directed.
3, Prepare, maintain and submit timely and accurate feedback on lessons and student performance.
4, Attend and take action on issues raised in one-on-one consultation or in group meeting regarding the employee’s job performance, professional development, and other issues relating to the employer in general.
5, Train other foreign teachers at the kindergarten.
6, Undertake basic hygiene and nursery duties in the classrooms.
7, Study and contribute to EyasKids’ curriculum system.

Job Requirements
1, Native English speakers or non-native with clear accent.
2, A least one-year professional experience working with children of 2 to 6 years old.
3, Bachelor’s degree or above, major in early childhood education preferred.
4, The candidate should be motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching as well as living in a foreign country.
5, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate preferred.
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