Koziol Lab Job Advert: Research Assistant / Internship / Thesis Projects

May 4, 2022

Job Description


The Koziol lab is seeking highly motivated candidates with diverse backgrounds interested in applying different approaches to investigating fundamental questions in biology and brain research. Candidates with a background and interest in at least one of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

(a) Molecular Biology 

(b) Bioinformatics

(c) Mass Spectrometry

(d) Neurobiology

(e) Engineering / Microfluidics

We are interdisciplinary team. Depending on background and interest, the successful candidate can undertake different projects focusing on Molecular Biology or Bioinformatics or Mass Spectrometry or Neurobiology or Engineering/Microfluidics.


It is becoming increasingly clear that DNA and RNA is not only made of 4 different molecules arranged in a different sequence. These 4 different molecules can be specifically modified in many different ways by designated enzymes of the cell. These modifications encode further information on the DNA and RNA that are critical to cellular function. These DNA and RNA modifications are essential and can regulate cells and brain function.

Our lab explores this new area of research. Although these modifications are usually not detected in DNA and RNA by conventional sequencing approaches, we detect and characterize them by applying and developing novel tools using molecular biology, bioinformatics and mass spectrometry. By studying modifications that can encode additional cellular information and their regulatory molecules, we are addressing the following questions:

(1) How can information or memory be stored in the brain?   

(2) How can cells communicate with each other?

(3) What changes occur in the brain during development, ageing or in disease?

We are an international lab in a world-class internationally recognized research institute, with a collaborative, interdisciplinary, interactive and dynamic team. We are generously core funded, use the newest state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Our lab is strongly supported by our in-house core facilities, such as a bioinformatics group, mass spectrometry, instrumentation, FACS, imaging, animal core facilities, etc. For more information about us visit www.DNALaboratory.org.


Salary and benefits for research assistants are based on experience and qualifications. For internships and students, stipends are available. We have strong administrative support who can assist with housing, visas and other personal matters.


The candidate must have or is about to obtain a Bachelor or Master degree in a relevant field, such as Molecular Biology, Informatics, Computational Biology, Engineering, Neurobiology, Biology, Medicine or related field. Prior laboratory experience OR bioinformatics is required. Candidates are expected to be highly motivated, diligent, and be able to work as part of a team. No prior knowledge of brain research or DNA and RNA modifications is required. Our institute and lab offer a Chinese and English-speaking environment; therefore, some basic English is required. For research assistants, we only consider applicants who intend to transition into one of our PhD programs.  For internships, we only consider applicants who intend to stay for at least 3 months. To apply, please send a cover letter and an English CV with the email contact information of 2 professional references to Dr. Magdalena Koziol (mjk@cibr.ac.cn) and to Xue Liang (xueliang@cibr.ac.cn).


The Chinese Institute for Brain Research, CIBR, is a world-class research institute with the aim to address fundamental questions related the brain. Research areas cover neurobiology, molecular biology, computational science and clinical studies. CIBR is exceptionally funded, has the newest state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, strong administrative and core facility support. CIBR works in close collaboration with other top institutions, such as China’s top Universities, the National Institute for Biological Sciences NIBS, the National Labs, hospitals, national and international biotech and pharmaceutical companies. For more information visit en.cibr.ac.cn

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