Lab Engineer/Sr. Engineer – Kobilka Institute of Innovative Drug Discovery (Ref.PR2024/052/01)

March 15, 2024

Job Description

Brief Introduction about KIIDD

Kobilka Institute of Innovative Drug Discovery is one of the first batch of Nobel laureate labs at the University. Led by Prof. Brian K. Kobilka, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 2012, the Kobilka Institute of Innovative Drug Discovery (KIIDD) is a significant milestone in the development of University.

KIIDD will focus on new drug development which includes drugs receptor structural biology research, computational chemistry research, the function of the drug molecules in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry research, receptor function the function of the drug molecule pharmacology, etc. KIIDD lay eyes on functional drug synthesis, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, to further explore the pathways to make new drugs, as well as offering intellectual support on pharmacology for future clinical research.

Our goal is to maximize the advantages of the platform and build the center into a high-performance macromolecular structure and functional processing analysis platform with world-class core technology and analytical capabilities, ultimately achieving high-end results. At the same time, KIIDD will cooperate with the world’s top universities, bringing the academic research and industrialization onto a high world level, opening up new opportunities for the life science industry in Longgang and Shenzhen.


Post Specification

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. A Master degree, preferably a higher degree in biological technology, analytical chemistry, medical science or related field;

2. Strong experience of sharing/management in equipment, especially LCMS;

3. Excellent bilingual communication skills in Chinese and English;

4. Collaborative, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, and strong team work spirit.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for maintenance LCMS and offer service when needed;

2. To proactively implement, update, maintain, manage, monitor, and support other shared equipment;

3. Undertaking other assignment assigned by the supervisor.


Application Procedure

Please send a full curriculum vitae and the completed Application Form (please download the template online) by email to


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