Laboratory Technician

Job Description

Position Title:     Laboratory Technician
Division:              High School
Supervisor:         Science Department/High School Principal
Position Summary:  Logistical summary of chemicals and equipment and operational support for science teachers.
  • Bachelor degree majored in Science or related, CET-4
  • 2 years minimum experience with Microsoft Office products-Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Photo Editor, etc.
  • 2 years experience in English/Mandarin/English translation-oral and written
  • 2 years minimum experience in Laboratory work.
  • Guided by ethical principles and character
  • A/V and basic technology skills
  • Fluency in Chinese and English; strong communication skills in both languages
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills-good “people” skills
  • Effective communicator
  • Self motivated with attention to detail
  • Dress professionally
  • Outgoing, not shy
  • Flexible and trainable
  • Patient with a positive outlook
  • Speaks Shanghainese dialect
  • Familiar with MAC computer
  • Knowledge of Chinese protocol, familiar with Shanghai and surrounding community
  • Likes children
General Expectations:
  • The preparation and setting up of the practical requirements of the teaching staff in the appropriate room or laboratory.
  • Meet as requested with each teacher/course team to discuss needs for upcoming labs or classroom activities.
  • Assist/attend Science meetings and activities as requested.
  • Maintain inventory of lab supplies and restock items as needed.
  • Check email regularly and respond promptly to teacher inquiries/requests.
  • Assist teachers in sourcing materials locally and internationally and in placing the orders through purchasing.
Key Areas of Responsibility
  1.  Organization of departmental chemical and equipment resources.
    1. Assist teachers and students to locate materials.
    2. Organize preparation rooms in a manner that all teachers can find items if necessary.
    3. Give advice and have knowledge on the use, storage and disposal of toxic and dangerous materials. 
    4. Proper storage, use, and disposal of all restricted materials in accordance with legislated and accepted environmental and safety laws.
    5. Maintains Material Safety Data Sheet catalog for all chemicals.
    6. Maintains existing biological materials and cultures/specimens.
    7. Monitor and maintain stock of chemicals.
    8. Acquire relevant catalogues and materials.
    9. Distribute all relevant information to staff.
    10. Administers the loaning and return of science materials to the Elementary and Middle Schools
  2. Preparation of experiments and support for science teachers.)
    1. Maintain an efficient work area. (Collect equipment upon completion of labs and return to storage.)
    2. Obtain the relevant resources.
    3. Determine appropriate cleaning practices.
    4. Use appropriate safety equipment.
    5. The cleaning of glassware and lab equipment on an on-going basis.
    6. The sterilization of biology utensils/media.
    7. The storage of chemicals and equipment in the appropriate area after their use.
    8. Provide for the maintenance and minor repair of equipment. Thoroughly check ahead of usage and before re-storing for the following year that equipment is working properly.
    9. Check with department about discarding and/or replacing any broken equipment.
    10. Going to local markets for purchase of disposable items for class use.
    11. Check out materials from the high school science department to middle/elementary teachers with approval of high school science team leader. Arrange for the return of these materials and check their condition upon return.
  3. Complete order forms, record and receipt orders.  Forwards relevant information to Team Leader for approval and then completes approved orders using the business office purchasing software.
  4. Follow up with purchasing personnel and inform teachers of expected arrival dates of items purchased.
  5. Assist with departmental stock taking and ordering.
    1. Maintain Obtain quotations for purchases. Assess quotations for appropriate pricing.
    2. Track materials purchased (amount and cost) during the year.
    3. Keep note and follow up of all “back orders”.
    4. Costing and feasibility of repairs to equipment.
  6. Liaise with local suppliers /purchasing office personnel.
    1. Actively track down local, regional (China, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia) and overseas sources for materials.
  7. Care for the Science Roof Top
    1. Helps maintain rooftop garden
    2. Liaison for class visits to facility
  8. Other duties as assigned.