Leading Talents Position in Medical and Life Sciences

September 27, 2022

Job Description

We are seeking about global leading talents in related to medical and life sciences, such as clinical medicine and basic medicine; basic research of emerging interdisciplines; medical big data-based artificial intelligence, cutting-edge research, and translational research etc. to lead a team of research associates.

About Us

The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University (http://www.cdyfy.com/) is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical service, medical education, scientific research, preventive care and rehabilitation. Founded in 1939, which has a 80-year cultural heritage, it has expanded into a modern and large-scale hospital providing a suite of comprehensive clinical specialties, competent faculties, advanced medical technologies and scientific research, and it is one of the first grade A tertiary hospitals in China. Since 2014, the hospital has been selected consecutively in the China’s Hospital Rankings collated by the Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University; and in 2019 it was ranked 69th in the top 100 hospitals in China in Ailibi’s ranking, the only hospital selected in Jiangxi Province.

The hospital is the national demonstration center for clinical teaching and training, the national demonstration base for SP teaching, the national off-campus practice teaching base for university students, the teaching base for the wound repair project of the Capacity Building and Continuing Education Center of the National Health Commission, the national faculty training center for clinical pharmacists, and the national clinical pharmacist training base.

We can Provide:

1) Internationally competitive salaries, generous start-up and funding support, and highly stimulating research environment;

2) Excellent interdisciplinary research environment and outstanding core research facilities;

3) Outstanding graduate programs, strong administrative support, and open exchange with the international scientific community;

4) The hospital is composed of Donghu campus and Xianghu campus. The former covers an area of 18 acres with 2900 beds, and the latter covers an area of 82 acres with 3299 beds. Currently, there are 8 “national key clinical specialties” and 1 “national clinical center”in the hospital.


1. Well-known scholars having made outstanding achievements recognized widely;

2. at the forefront of the related fields nationally; having great scientific research outputs recognized by peers at home and abroad;

3. capable of coordinating the development of the related discipline to maintain or reach a leading position in China;

4. Age: 57 years old at most for leading talents, in principle;

How to Apply

For full consideration, applicants should send the resume, future research plans, and 1-2 referring experts for consultation to our email.

1) resume: Continuous education and work experience from the beginning of the undergraduate education to date; a catalogue of published papers and no more than 5 representative works; major achievements of medical care, teaching, scientific research; scientific research projects undertaken, patents and awards, etc.

E-mail: [email protected]

Applicants can also call us for specific consultation.

Tel.: +86-791-88693321

Contact: Liu, Office of High-Level Talents

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