Localization Specialist – Nuverse (Native English Speaker)

Job Description

1. Understand the overall game and the project scope;
2. Work with the LQA team and external translation partners to guarantee the quality of in-game English translation;
3. Modify the in-game English text, story, dialogue, audios to provide to make sure they are well localized;
4. Contribute to coming up with solutions to optimize the localization process.

1. Bachelor’s Degree, English Native Speaker;
2. At least 2 years of experience in localization, linguistics, translation, or related experience;
3. Senior game player, familiar with popular mobile/PC/console games, Passionate about game development;
4. Working experience with cross-cultural teams;
5. Excellent learning ability with a self-driven, positive can-do mentality;
6. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.