Mathematics Teacher

March 28, 2024

Job Description

Introduction to MIC

Founded in 2016 and opened in 2017, MIC is the first secondary school with an international curriculum in Foshan. MIC is located on a peaceful green campus in the Nanhai District of Foshan in Southern China. We are 2 bus stops from the Guangzhou South Railway Station, and from there high-speed trains can take you all over China. Hong Kong is less than1 hour away by high-speed train.

MIC offers British IGCSE/A-Level, as well as American Advanced Placement, courses following our 4C Ethos: Cheerful, Cooperative, Creative, Challenging. Our mission is to nurture elite students with Chinese Spirit, Global Vision, and International Competitiveness.

By 2024, the 7th year since its founding, MIC has developed a stellar reputation within Guangdong Province. The school’s academic scores at CIE IGCSE/A-Level are consistently above the global average, and 3 students were awarded ‘Top In The World’ rankings for their 2020 examination results by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

UK Curricula:

MIC offers International GCSE (IGCSE) and A-Level curricula accredited by CIE, Edexcel, Oxford, and AQA examination boards. Under the UK curricula MIC offers students a wide variety of subjects, allowing them to select subjects according to their interests. Subjects available at MIC include ESL, Chinese, Japanese, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Food and Nutrition, Economics, Accounting, Business, History, Geography, Global Perspectives, Art and Design, Music, ICT, and IT.

UK Program

MIC uses an internal assessment system which enables teachers to m monitor the progress of students towards their target grade and plan interventions to address underachievement when appropriate.

We are looking for an enthusiastic an experienced teacher. You should be someone with a sound knowledge of your subject who wants to make a major contribution to the development of this new and expanding school and has a genuine commitment to global education.

Position: Mathematics Teachers;

Program: IG&A-level

Basic requirements for candidates:

1.Holding a bachelor’s degree in related majors in Mathematics, with master’s or more advanced degree preferred; overseas educational qualifications preferred;

2.Professional teaching certifications such as PGCE or teaching license in the subject;

3.A minimum 3 years teaching experiences of Mathematics or related fields;

4. A minimum of two years experience in international schools;

5. Experience of teaching in one or more of the following IB, AP, A-levels and IGCSE

6. Proficient enough in English to be able to use it as the language of instruction and in the workplace, with an understanding of the importance of developing technical literacy in teaching the subject to Chinese students in English.;

7. A professional attitude to teaching consistent with MIC’s mission and value, including a commitment to teamworking, perseverance and a commitment to accepting responsibility;

8. Experience of working with enthusiastic and motivated Chinese students [aged 15-17];

9. Evidence of commitment to continued professional development and prepared to participate in school based in-service activities

Please email the HR team on if you are interested in us.  Applications will be considered immediately upon receipt. We reserve the right to interview and appoint prior to the closing date.

Employment Benefits

C&B Package: CNY 300000–396000 per year.

Welfare package:

1, Flight allowance:

Option 1: 9500 CNY per academic year for flight allowance

Option 2: Reimbursement for one round trip ( at the beginning and the end of the contract period) between home country and China ; one 9500CNY allowance to be released between the first and second year during the contract.

2, 3000 CNY house and transportation allowance per month if live off campus or Free on-campus modern apartment with all necessary furniture

3, 15 CNY per working day for meal, which is approximately 330 CNY per month.

4, Paid summer & winter vacations and all Chinese holidays and Christmas holidays.

5, Health insurance provided.

6, Work VISA provided.

7, 10,000CNY for renewal bonus of every academic year.