MS/HS Band Teacher

October 20, 2022

Job Description

Position Title: MS/HS Band Teacher
Division: MS/HS
Supervisor: Division Principal or Assistant Principal
Position Summary: The candidate should have a strong background in band conducting and collaboration. This role is part of a music team of 2 full-time teachers at the ES, five instructors at the MS/HS, and an accompanist.  The assignment is designed to continue the development in the existing program in grades 9 through 12. Directing responsibilities include (but are not limited to)Concert Band, and an auditioned Jazz Band.  Additional responsibilities include: the annual APAC Band Festival, HS Musical, AMIS HS Band auditions, and potential before school Co-curricular Ensembles.
In order to meet Concordia school-wide learning outcomes (SLOs) and grade level expectations, the teacher carries out the following broad and specific responsibilities across the following domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Management, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities.





  •  Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject area
  • Certification



  •  Advanced degree or specialization training that supports the teaching role




  • Minimum 2 years successful teaching in a school setting
  • Working with students with learning needs and ELL



  • Working in an international school setting and familiarity with the American educational system
  • Working successfully with an ethnically diverse population
  • Teaching in the subject area and with the age of students assigned
  • Creating units of work using ‘UbD’ strategies
  • Certification or training in ELL support and differentiation




  •  Excellent knowledge of the developmental needs of students in the age group you are teaching.
  •  Knowledge of and experience in using a variety of assessments and differentiated learning techniques.
  •  Grounded in knowledge about teaching and learning
  •  Excellent knowledge of the content and pedagogy
  •  Demonstrates respect for teachers as professionals and as adult learners
  •  Effective communicator – communicates well with a diverse community, proficient writing skills
  •  Highly skillful at using technology
  •  Strong organizational and time management skills


General Expectations:

  • As a school grounded in the Christian faith, we hire Christian teachers and administrators. Concordia seeks to hire candidates who are able to model their faith, are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality, and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith traditions.
  • Oversee, when appropriate, Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals/Support Staff in working with or monitoring children and managing clerical tasks.
  • On regular school days, all teachers are on duty between 7:45AM and 3:45PM, not inclusive of activities and meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Key Areas of Responsibility:

Concordia teachers are expected to meet or exceed the teacher competency standards below.


Planning and Preparation

  • Instructional and curriculum Planning
    • Use in depth knowledge of content and Concordia curriculum outcomes, students, pedagogy and resources to design coherent instruction
    • Plan, revise, record and follow units of work that provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences
    • Select instructional goals
    • Gather data through assessments and analyze and review student work to provide a clear, recursive, rigorous, relevant and rich curriculum

The Classroom Environment

  • Class Management
    • Create an environment of respect and rapport
    • Establish a culture of learning
    • Manage classroom procedures and maintain clear rules and procedures; establish routines for daily tasks and needs
    • Manage student behavior and provide consistent and appropriate discipline
    • Orchestrate smooth transitions and continuity of momentum
    • Organize space and materials to provide effective instruction and a safe learning environment

  • Pastoral Care
    • Respond to students’ emotional and social needs
    • Model interpersonal skills, respectful relationships and problem solving, in order to provide a safe learning environment


  • Instruction
    • Deliver developmentally appropriate learning experiences for students; Use a variety of questioning and discussion techniques to engage students in learning
    • Provide differentiated support and instruction to ensure that students develop understanding of content and apply skills.
    • Provide timely and constructive feedback to students
    • Implement best practice in instructional strategies

  • Assessment
    • Assess student learning. Plan and administer a variety of appropriate diagnostic, formative and summative assessments
    • Analyze and use the data provided by the assessments to guide instruction.

Professional Responsibilities

  • Teams and Committees—Concordia teachers embrace the opportunity to work within a Professional learning
    • Community and learn from their peers.
    • Attend and actively participate in divisional departmental/grade level meetings as well as curricular and other all‐school meetings that cross divisions
    • Collaborate with colleagues and use a variety of teaming protocols to examine assessment data and student work

  • Parent Communication
    • Provide timely, clear and appropriate feedback on student performance and progress so that parents can effectively support and/or celebrate their child’s learning and development.

  • Goals
    • Set yearly individual and team goals; support divisional and school goals
    • Collect and review data related to goals and Concordia competencies, in order to improve planning and preparation, classroom management, instruction or meeting professional responsibilities.

  • Professional Development
    • Participate in professional growth experiences such as courses, workshops or conferences in order to improve planning and preparation, classroom management, instruction and grow professionally.

  • Co‐curricular Activities—Addressing the needs of the whole child is an important part of our ethos and a Concordia teacher embraces opportunities to work with students beyond the classroom.
    • Contribute to the school and community by participating in one or more student activities outside of the classroom. Teachers lead or assist with an after school activities/clubs, coach, and/or direct artistic performances in order to provide students with a variety of opportunities to widen their interests and develop alternate means of self‐expression.
    • Participate actively in off‐campus educational field experiences
    • Support student activities through attendance at and encouragement of student participation in co‐curriculars.