MSHS Ed Tech Coach

Job Description




Position Title:       MSHS Ed Tech Coach 

Division:                MSHS 

Supervisor:            Director of Innovation 



The Ed Teach Coach works with the Learning Innovation Team to assist, support, and lead students, teachers, and administrators to infuse contemporary and emergent teaching and learning practices across Concordia International School Shanghai. The ed tech coach supports student and faculty learners in introducing, integrating, and innovating learning experiences, teaching, and learning environments. The ed tech coach is responsible for leading and supporting educational technology curriculum and professional learning, working with the Concordia Tech Hub to coordinate educational practices with students, teachers, and the Concordia community.   



▪       Bachelor’s Degree, master’s degree in instructional technology preferred 

▪       Teaching certification 


▪       A minimum of 5 years of successful classroom teaching experience required 

▪       Working in an international school setting or American-style education system 

▪       Expertise in using technology in schools, preferably in a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 program with Apple devices 

▪       Significant successful achievements in purposeful and innovative integration of technology to transform learning 

▪       Successful experience with curriculum development and collaboration within a professional learning community 

▪       Experience preferred with leading Understanding by Design (UbD) or Competency-based education 

▪       Experience with inquiry-based project/problem-based, and/or applied learning 

▪       Working successfully with an ethnically diverse population 

▪       Knowledge and experience preferred in blended, hybrid or online instructional design 

▪       Experience preferred with the design thinking process for fostering innovative mindsets 


▪       Understands the components of effective coaching 

▪       Demonstrates a passion for contemporary and emergent learning practices 

▪       Demonstrates a passion for teacher and student success 

▪       Committed to teamwork and collaboration both within and across divisions 

▪       A highly skilled teacher, grounded in knowledge of current best practices related use of technology to personalize learning 

▪       Exhibits leadership skills that enable school reform efforts 

▪       Able to articulate a vision and manageable action steps to enable systematic change 

▪       Effective communicator within a diverse community, both orally and in writing 

▪       Emotionally intelligent, able to balance ambition with humility and effectively building relationships 

▪       Respect for teachers as fellow professionals and lifelong learners 

▪       Demonstrates a positive, optimistic, can-do attitude 

▪       Able to quickly gain proficiency in required technology – Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Canvas, PowerSchool, Microsoft Office, etc) 

▪       Proficient in using social media to enhance learning and building an online community

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