Foreign Language Teachers

Job Description

The School of Foreign Languages at Dalian Neusoft Information College currently has three departments: the English Department, the Japanese Department, and the Russian Department, as well as two public English teaching departments: Public English Teaching Department 1 and Public English Teaching Department 2.

The college currently has four undergraduate majors: Business English, English, Japanese, and Russian. The aim is to cultivate foreign language professionals with a good sense of social responsibility, foreign language application skills, cross-cultural communication skills, business practice skills, and a spirit of critical innovation. The School of Foreign Languages adheres to the school’s educational philosophy of “education creates student value”, combines our TOPCARES-CDIO talent cultivation model with the characteristics of foreign language talent cultivation, constructs a project-driven curriculum system, and implements the integration of professional education, innovation and entrepreneurship education, and quality education in talent cultivation. Continuously strengthen industry university cooperation and focus on internationalization construction.

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