News Copy Editor

March 26, 2024

Job Description


News Copy Editor at CGTN

Location: Beijing, China

Minimum Commitment: 12 months


We’re recruiting foreigners to join us in our architecturally designed headquarters in Beijing. Beijing is one of the world’s greatest cities, full of rich culture and history, and friendly locals. It’s a great place to live and China is a great country to explore.

Here at CGTN we understand the importance of delivering high caliber news. From our headquarters in Beijing and production centers in Nairobi, Washington DC and London we are committed to covering the world, and our global reach enables us to resource news quickly.

With an international team of professionals from more than 70 countries and regions, CGTN is an investment in the future of news media.


• Making sure that scripts are readable, accurate and ready for air;

• Fixing any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors;

• Work with reporters to refine and focus their stories;

• Double checking that names, places, and organizations are spelled correctly and that facts, dates, and statistics are accurate;

• Looking out for potential editorial/coverage problems and discuss them with the producers;

• Working with individual writers and other contributors across the network to develop their writing capabilities, offering regular feedback;

• Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

To apply for this job you MUST HAVE

• Solid experience in the media industry;

• Strong English writing, grammar, spelling and editing skills;

• Solid news and editorial judgment;

• Ability to produce quality work quickly;

• High level of concentration required to edit; attention to detail critical;

• A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or English preferred.