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The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, and the International Institutes of Medicine, Zhejiang University are co-constructed by Zhejiang University and the Yiwu Municipal Government. Building on Zhejiang University’s hundred-year history, focusing on national strategic needs and the deployment of “double first-class” construction, the International Hub for Health, with 8 national level talents of Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Distinguished Young Scholars, 20 provincial and ministerial level talents of Provincial Distinguished Experts, and more than 360 full-time doctoral and master’s students, aims to build an advanced, international and innovation-oriented world-class medical center!

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, directly affiliated with Zhejiang University, is the only provincial class-A tertiary general hospital in the central and western part of Zhejiang Province, integrating care, education and research. Opened for business in October 2014, it has a planned 4,300 beds and is ranked top 5% of the tertiary public hospitals in China, making it the youngest hospital in the country to earn the award.

The International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in December 2020 and managed by Zhejiang University, will officially launch its national operation in September 2023, which is set to become a higher institution of medical education serving the national “Belt and Road” initiative. Huang Hefeng, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a famous reproductive medicine scientist, has been appointed as the Dean of the International School of Medicine. It has planned to set up medical-related disciplines of basic medicine and clinical medicine, and develop a “new medical” system through interdisciplinary integration with humanities, sociology, science, engineering, information, etc.

The International Institute of Medicine, Zhejiang University, as a research platform established in May 2020 in Yiwu City for scientific research support and transformation medicine, has been approved as the first batch of new provincial R&D institutions in Zhejiang Province as part of the Zhejiang Engineering Research Center for Future Pathology, which has now debuted. It is also approved to establish a postdoctoral workstation in Zhejiang province and continues to carry out high-level clinical translation and cutting-edge multidisciplinary cooperation.

We recruit postdoctoral researchers worldwide to develop “5+X” disciplines of “reproduction, tumor, regeneration and aging, global health, traditional medicine” and seven research centers of “reproductive medicine, tumor medicine, RNA medicine, regeneration and aging medicine, metabolic medicine, brain health medicine, and genome medicine”.


Adhering to the fine tradition of respecting and cherishing the talent at Zhejiang University, we foster a rigorous academic atmosphere and institutional environment and provide international and first-class academic research conditions for you to achieve your professional goals.

1. Academic Environment

You will enjoy a dynamic job with a highly interesting and challenging research topic. We provide excellent opportunities for collaboration, and a fair, international and multidisciplinary research environment, with a team of supervisors composed of well-known experts from home and abroad to guide your research.

2. Research Conditions

(1) Cooperative supervisors provide project funding support and opportunities to collaborate with other laboratories;

(2) Possibility to develop side projects according to personal interests;

(3) Active recommendations and assistance are available in applying for national, provincial, and ministerial scientific research projects, and we provide support according to research project funding.

3. Work Place

Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.


1. Income

According to relevant provincial and municipal postdoctoral policies, the annual salary system is implemented and the comprehensive annual salary exceeds 400,000 RMB per year (excluding scientific research awards). Social insurance and housing support are also provided. Besides, we will help you apply for a government housing subsidy of 800,000 RMB during your employment.

2. Benefits

(1) Flexible work hours are provided to support family life and priority is given to arranging for children to enroll in primary schools;

(2) The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine provides high-quality medical resources and occupational health management.

3. Career Development

We provide competitive career development conditions in accordance with relevant national and school policies.

(1) Internal and external training opportunities are provided and those with excellent performance during employment can be recommended to work at Zhejiang University;

(2) According to relevant policies, you can participate in the evaluation of professional titles and apply for the qualification of the assistant researcher.


1. A solid academic foundation, physical and mental health, and no negative records such as violations of laws and disciplinary actions;

2. A doctorate degree in-hand;

3. Under the age of 35 (inclusive);

4. Fully engaged in post-doctoral research work;

5. Major in life sciences, brain science, pharmacy, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, animal science, chemistry, basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, public health, etc.;

6. There is no limit to the time of application.


1. Application Materials

(1) Personal resume;

(2) Representative papers and supporting materials showing research ability and academic level;

(3) Two recommendation letters from experts.

2. Email Address: [email protected]

Please specify in the subject of the email: NAME + RESEARCH DIRECTION + SUPERVISOR.


1. Contact Us

Address: N1 Shangcheng Avenue, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

Phone number: Mr. Chen(+86)0579 8993 5185

2. Official Website Address

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine:

The International Institutes of Medicine, Zhejiang University:



Lipid Metabolism/ Innate Immunity;

Wang Kai

Lung Cancer Targeting and Its Immunotherapeutic Efficacy;

Wang Jianwei

RNA Modification/Tumor Metastasis Microenvironment;

Wang Fudi

Molecular Mechanism of Ferroptosis;

Wang Luxi

Tumor Immunology/Cancer Biology;

Qu Meng

Biological Rhythm Regulates Important Physiological Processes/ Mechanism of Human Disease and Its Clinical Application
Received Ph.D. from the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences and worked as a postdoctoral and associate research fellow at the University of Southern California and the Scripps Research Institute. Published in Cancer Discovery, Molecular Cell, Nature Communications, PNAS, PLoS Genetics and other international journals as the first or corresponding author.
(EMAIL):[email protected]

Zhu Guixin

Tumorigenesis and Its Drug Resistance;

Zhu Yanfen

Chromatin Advanced Structure and Transcriptional Regulation/Circular DNA;

Qiao Shuai

Structure and Function of Immunogenesis;

Liu Wei

Mechanism and Function of Autophagy;

Chi Zhexu

Immune Metabolism and Cell Scorch;

Sun Qiming

Molecular Basis of Organelle Homeostasis Maintenance;

Su Ping

Neuroscience and Neuropsychopathology

Graduated from Peking University Health Science Center, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow and then project scientist in Centre for Addiction and Mental Health of the University of Toronto. Published many papers in international journals such as Neuron, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Science Signaling, and Neuropsychopharmacology as the first or co-first author.
Email: [email protected]

Du Yiling

Microbial Biochemistry/Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry;

Du Lizhong

Pediatrics/Neonatology/Neonatal Intensive Care;

Li Xiangyao

Central Mechanism of Pain/Central Mechanisms of Autism;

Yang Lili

Nursing Education/Chronic Care Management/Health Education;

Yang Yi

Acute Renal Injury Repair/Renal Fibrosis Repair;

Yang Wei

Neurobiology/Biophysics/Molecular Pharmacology;

Zou Wei

Molecular Mechanism of Neuronal Dendrite and Axon Degeneration;

Ying Songmin

Respiratory Disease/Decrepitude/Oncology/Pharmacology;

Wang Lie

Differentiation and Development of Immune Cells/Experimental Animal Models;

Shen Ying

Molecular Mechanisms of Cerebellar Function and Related Diseases;

Zhang Guojie

Evolutionary Biology/Comparative Genomics/Behavioral Genetics;

Zhang Cheng

Urologic Neoplasms/Renal Tumor/Non-coding RNA;

Lin Weiqiang

Tumor Pathogenic Gene/Pathogenic Site/Nephropathy;

Lin Aifu

Molecular Cellular Oncology/Tumor Immunity and Targeted Transformation;

Yue Xiaomin

Functional and Molecular Mechanisms of Deafness-causing Gene TMC;

Zhou Tianhua

Molecular Cell Biology/ Tumor Molecular Biology;

Zhou Quan

Targeted Drug Delivery/Precise Intracellular Delivery of Biological Macromolecules;

Zhou Hao

Diseases of Kidneys and Urinary System;

Zhao Guohua

Basic and Clinical Studies of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Neurogenetic Diseases;

Hu Zhenhua

Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery/Liver Transplantation;

Luo Yan

Tumor Biochemistry/Tumor Metabolism;

Xia Shudong

Cardiac Electrophysiology/Cardiac Imaging/Deep Learning;

Xu Jian

Reproductive Medicine/Fertility Protection;

Guo Jiangtao

Molecular Physiology and Biophysics;

Tang Mengling

Environmental Epidemiology;

Tang Zhe

Minimally Invasive Treatment of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgical Diseases/Tumor Physical Therapy;

Huang Hefeng

Reproductive Medicine/Pregnancy Safety;

Huang Jian

Study on Methylation and Immunoregulation of Bone Marrow Proliferative Tumors/Basic and Clinical Study of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia;

Gong Zhefeng

Neural Circuit Basis and Neural Information Coding of Animal Behavior;

Kang Lijun


Dong Hengjin

Health Economy and Policy/Health Technology Assessment;

Guan Wenjun

Microbial Synthetic Biology/Microbial Drug Resistance Mechanism;