Primary School Teacher Librarian

March 23, 2024

Job Description

For August 2024

YK Pao School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. References, background checks and criminal record checks will be required.

The YK Pao Primary School Teacher Librarian is responsible to the Principal through the Director of Teaching and Learning (Lower Primary). The YK Pao School librarian has the professional responsibility to live-out the purpose and values of the school in and out of the classroom.


The YK Pao Primary School Teacher Librarian is both a teacher and an information specialist. The teacher librarian oversees the day-to-day operation of the Primary Library and is responsible for creating a stimulating educational environment. The teacher librarian leads the library team and works closely with other members of staff to plan, provide, and curate learning resources. The teacher librarian manages the physical and virtual library for Year 1 to 5 students, parents and teachers, ensuring resources permeate the school.



•      Cultivating and maintaining an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and respectful of the needs of all students, their families and teachers;

•      Assisting students and teachers to find resources to support their learning, teaching, research and interests;

•      Monitoring borrowing habits and finding ways to support student interests, capabilities and promoting a wide range of materials;

•      Creating a physical learning space that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing and where learning is made visible in a variety of ways;

•      Creating and maintaining a physical learning space that offers diverse learning materials for students to explore, promote inquiry and entice rich language exchange;

•      Engaging and challenging learners in a supportive and inclusive, information rich learning environment;

•      Ensuring that the library resources, facilities, programs and services support the school’s concept-based inquiry approach to learning;

•      Instilling a love and appreciation of Chinese and English literature within students, working in partnership with home room teachers and teachers of English and Chinese to fulfil this endeavor;

•      Collaborating with other staff to plan and co-teach sequential learning programs that enable students to develop digital, information and media literacy;

•      Promoting the joy of reading and the services offered by the library within the broader school community using the school’s communication channels;

•      Offering ongoing training to other staff to support and embed the student research framework.

•      Cooperatively plan and teach units of work with subject and classroom teachers incorporating information skills and knowledge;

•      Support teachers with resources across all curriculum areas;

•      Collaborate with teaching staff on special events – such as Book Week, Chinese Culture Week and other special learning events;

•      Provide the learning materials of information literacy for Y3-5 subject teachers and students;

•      Collaborate with MS and HS teacher librarians to enable the teaching of library skills in a cohesive manner from Y1-Y12;

•      Further developing digital citizenship of students by the incorporation of explicit instruction thought-out the library learning plan.

•      Helping students to find books that are age and skill appropriate and of interest to them;

•      Creating displays that captivate students’ interest and promote a desire to read;

•      Work with Student Library leaders to design means of capturing student voice, choice and ownership of the library;

•      Host special events, from time to time, to focus on books and literacy;

•      Ensure that the library is a safe, orderly, attractive environment for all students;

•      Offer parent workshops; equipping parents with the skills and knowledge to support a love of literacy beyond school.

•      Liaising with other Teacher Librarians across the Pao School campuses, their team members and networking beyond the school to ensure efficient procedures and systems;

•      Upholding all school policies and feed into review processes for continual refinement;

•      Planning an annual calendar of events for the library to complement other school happenings and to support the ongoing development of our students’ international mindedness;

•      Preparing and managing the annual library budget, coordinating this with other members of the library team and relevant school leaders;

•      Maintaining an effective and supportive printing and preparation area to support students and staff.

•      Networking with other teacher librarians beyond the Pao School;

•      Actively participating in the school’s annual review and school development process, offering proactive assistance to drive initiatives forward;

•      Staying current with copyright requirements and legislation; sharing this with other stakeholders;

•      Staying up to date with new multimedia and IT resources and supporting teachers with appropriate information and training;

•      Offering professional training and support to teachers in areas related to information literacy and the development of student research skills;

•      Engaging with school-wide pedagogical training opportunities.

•      Ensuring the collection is continually enriched by drawing on student voice, collaboration with other Pao School educators and through the acquisition of high-quality materials that meet government requirements;

•      Collecting and analyzing data to inform the ongoing development of the collection, programs and services within the allocated budget;

•      Overseeing all aspects of the library collection, including resources in other parts of the school beyond the library;

•      Maintaining the library database system;

•      Managing staff and student library records;

Job Requirements:

1.  Bachelor’s degree or above;

2.  Experience in a primary school library environment;

3.  Minimum four years teaching experience;

4. International and bilingual school experience;

5. Teaching qualification, Librarian qualifications.