Primary Teacher

November 20, 2023

Job Description

Job Title:
Primary Teacher (YCIS-BJ-2425-PRI003)
Posted Date: 11/16/2023 Expiration Date:
Location: YCIS – Beijing (Beijing PRI) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(08/01/2024)

A YCIS-Beijing teacher…
• Embraces and utilises highly effective and innovative pedagogy that suits the current generation;
• Has significant depth, breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of their specific disciplines;
• Inspires students and staff to learn and achieve more;
• Generates positive professional relationships with all members of the community;
• Can work in a highly collaborative and multi-cultural learning and organisational culture which values a team approach when planning and delivering curriculum;
• Uses dialogue more than monologue and ensures differentiation in learning tasks;
• Has both the skills and disposition to implement a wide range of technology into their practice;
• Provides formative and summative feedback to students that is timely, well-targeted and constructive;
• Can operate successfully in a bilingual teaching environment in which important Chinese and Western cultural characteristics are understood and respected.

Overall Description
As a school we aim for high standards by responding professionally, sensitively, and caringly to the needs of all YCIS students. While no list could encapsulate everything YCIS-BJ teachers do daily, the following provides some of the key responsibilities of teachers at YCIS-BJ in addition to the “Portrait of a YCIS-Beijing Teacher” as listed above.

General Roles and Responsibilities

• Have or develop an understanding of the YCIS Mission, Principles and Practices.
• Understand your professional responsibilities in relation to school policies, guidelines and practices and set a good example for the students regarding presentation and personal conduct.
• Uphold all behaviour policies for all students in and out of lessons.
• Support the Parent Organisation (PO) in fundraising and other events

• Have or develop detailed knowledge of the relevant aspects of the YCIS International Curriculum, the co-teaching and Learning Community models as appropriate to assigned role and ensure student learning reflects these.
• Submit lesson plans as specified by the Head of Primary, considering authentic learning, the needs of individual or groups of students, the YCIS International Curriculum as well as the co-teaching and Learning Community models as appropriate.
• Set appropriate and demanding expectations for students’ learning and motivation; in consultation with the student, set clear targets for each student’s learning, building on their prior attainment and experiences.
• Where appropriate, liaise with the one-to-one TAs and Student Support team members.

Assessment and Reporting:
• Assess how well learning objectives/targets have been achieved for each student and use this assessment to inform future teaching.
• Mark all students’ work according to the marking policy and follow the effective feedback expectations.
• Where applicable, internally moderate student work and formal assessments to ensure consistency of standards.
• Maintain appropriate student records regarding achievement, behaviour and other aspects.
• Refer students in a timely manner for additional support, following the Student Support referral policies.
• Create progress reports and semester reports.
• Discuss with parents regarding students’ progress at Parent-Teacher Interviews and at other times when required.

• Organise personal timetables (or implement if assigned), classroom and students’ work with due regard to the requirements of the YCIS International Curriculum as well as the co-teaching and Learning Community models as appropriate.
• Attend meetings and collaborate as necessary with colleagues to ensure all the students’ learning needs are met.
• Attend all scheduled playground, lunch, and other duties as assigned.
• Run and supervise co-curricular activities as required.

These duties may be amended to meet the changing demands of the school at the discretion of the School Leadership Team and following consultation with the teacher.

Professional Development:
As a reflective learner who takes responsibility for their professional development and progression (considering the school’s priorities and their own professional needs), teachers are expected to make full use of the opportunities and training provided by the school.

There will be an annual review undertaken by the Head of Primary and other Primary Leadership Team members. Performance will be measured against the skills and responsibilities (including the qualities listed above) and specific targets negotiated annually as part of performance management.

Job Requirements:

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