Project lead Cyber and Data Security/数据网络安全project lead

July 1, 2022

Job Description

Job Objective
1. Manage the security lifecycle activities in project plan and budget follow internal CSMS process.
2. Participate in TARA anaysis and architect/solution definition, then compile/maintain Cybersecurity detail requirement according to TARA, and make sure all requirement are implemented correctly.
3. Responsibility for project result including in terms of security and ensuring an adequate security architecture Here, the dependencies up to an end to end examination should also be taken into consideration
4. Ensuring transparency of vehicle Security relevant topics and corresponding risks in the project
5. Documentation of the acceptance of risks via the Security Risk Assessment
6. Responsible for implementing the requirements into the final ECU SW
7. Support Cooperation Cybersecurity Manager and Supplier Manager in creating the Cybersecurity Interface, and cope with Cybersecurity regulation, standard, supplier management related work

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