Native English Teachers

November 17, 2023
¥10,000 - ¥12,000 / month

Job Description

To further enhance the internationalization level of our university,and  to meet the need of College English teaching and improve the English teaching quality, Inner Mongolia University is looking for excellent native English teachers at home and abroad.

1.       Post: Full time native English teachers.

2.       Job Requirements

  • 2.1  The English teacher should be native speaker of related teaching  courses.
  • 2.2  Bachelor’s degree or higher is needed.
  • 2.3  Less than 50 years old, sound in body and mind, good team working spirit and  love teaching work.
  • 2.4  Comply with laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and the  foreign teacher should have no legal dispute and no criminal record in his/her  original residence (providing official certification).
  • 2.5  Having related working experiences for over 2 years or providing TESOL  certificate.

3.  Job  Descriptions

  • 3.1  Working Place: Inner Mongolia University, 235 West University Street, Hohhot, P.  R. China.
  • 3.2  Working Task: Teach speaking, reading & writing, and related native culture,  etc. The workload is 512 hours per school year.
  • 3.3  Working Time: 10 months per year.


4.       Salary and Benefits

  • 4.1 A  monthly salary ranges from 10000 to 12000 RMB (for 10 months), commensurate with  educational background and teaching experience. After an English teacher has  fulfilled 2 years’ expected workload for the teaching plan and at least get  “moderately satisfied” on the evaluation, he/she can get extra 200 RMB per month  from the third year on. From then on, extra 200 RMB per month will be paid every  next year to the English teacher who has consecutively worked in Inner Mongolia  University for another school year.
  • 4.2  The university will purchase Group Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Accident  Bodily Injury Insurance for the English teachers.
  • 4.3  The university will provide free campus apartment, necessary furnishings and  electronic appliances. (The English teacher who lives off campus will get 1500  RMB per month as renting allowance, which will be paid for 10 months in  total.)
  • 4.4  In the one-year contract period, the university will provide round trip airfare  reimbursement (only for economy class).

The  recruitment above is long-term valid. Inner Mongolia University warmly welcomes  overseas friends, and the person with related language teaching experience is  preferred. Recommendation is greatly appreciated.