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Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) is a Double First-class university in China and is one of the “A-class universities in Jiangsu High Level University Summit Plan. Formerly it was known as Nanjing Institute of Meteorology established in 1960 with worldwide influence in the field of Geoscience. In 2021, it is ranked 43rd, 41st, 65th and 53rd in Times, U.S. News, ARWU, and QS University Rankings respectively among all the higher education institutions in China’s mainland.

The university has developed an integrated and coordinated research and education system in science, engineering, management, literature, and arts with internationally competitive discipline in Atmospheric Science, domestic leading disciplines in Earth Science and Information Engineering. There are 7 doctoral programs, 44 postgraduate programs, 75 undergraduate majors and 4 post-doctoral scientific research stations. Additionally, NUIST has 1 A+ National First-class Discipline, 1 National Key Discipline, 8 Superior University Disciplines of Jiangsu Province, and 30 National First-class Undergraduate Majors. Disciplines including Engineering, Environmental Science and Ecology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Material Science, and Social Science have entered top 1% ESI rankings while Geoscience and Computer Science have entered top 1‰ ESI rankings.

NUIST has established deep cooperation with more than 100 universities worldwide, including Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Reading, and the University of Manchester. Presently, the largest number of students in Chinese-foreign cooperative education at NUIST reaches 2,720, covering 17 majors, which is one of the universities with the most Chinese-foreign cooperative education programmes, and is also the only university in Jiangsu Province with two Chinese-foreign cooperative institutions running both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Summary of the Academy

NUIST Reading Academy was established in 2015 with the official approval of China’s Ministry of Education under the joint initiative of NUIST and the University of Reading (the 202nd in the QS 2022 World Universities Ranking). The Academy is a dependent school of NUIST offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It is the only joint education institution of the University of Reading in mainland China. The Academy passed the Evaluation conducted by China’s Ministry of Education successfully in 2019 and was shortlisted in the Provincial Premium Demonstrative Construction of Sino-Foreign Education Institutions in Jiangsu Provincial 13th Five-Year Plan. Applied Chemistry Programme offered by the Academy was recognized by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2019. In a word, the Academy is a model Sino-foreign joint institution that boasts strong caliber, high starting point and good students.


Education Ideas

The Academy upholds the principle of “openness, collaboration and characteristics” and treasures essence of higher learning and practices the students-oriented education. Aiming at offering education programmes out of advantages of both universities and introducing high-quality educational resources, advanced educational ideas and the effective management experience from the University of Reading, the Academy is dedicated to fostering professional talents with country in their hearts, innovation in their minds and competitive edges in the world.

Education Modes

The Academy adopts the “4+0” mode for undergraduate programmes and “2+0” or “3+0” modes for postgraduate programmes. Students can enjoy the elite educational resources from the overseas university without going abroad. Upon completion of educational programmes and meeting the requirement for degree rewarding, the students will be conferred with graduation certificate and the degree certificate from NUIST and the corresponding degree certificate from the University of Reading.


The Academy is offering eight undergraduate programmes: Applied Chemistry (070302H), International Trade and Economics (020401H), Law (030101H), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics(070101H), Environmental Engineering (082502H), Atmospheric Sciences(070601H), Geographic Information Science (070504H)and Data Science and Big Data Technology(080910H) and two postgraduate programmes: Data Science (dual-degree postgraduate programme) and Data and Decision Analysis (foreign-degree postgraduate programme). The undergraduate programmes admit 380 students annually while the postgraduate programmes admit 80 students each year. Data and Decision Analysis programme admits students on its own plan while Data Science programme and all the undergraduate programmes, listed in the National Higher Education Enrollment Plan, recruits students according to the national admission regulations and rules.


The Academy has an international faculty team. Courses taught by overseas faculty account for over 50% and all the Chinese faculty have overseas learning or working experiences. It has in total 15 elite talent faculty members ranging from Overseas Academicians, Distinguished Professors of Ministry of Education and National Elite Youth Scholars. Among the faculty, more than 30 have been shortlisted in the talent programmes of ministerial or provincial levels. There are eight elite teams of ministerial or provincial levels, e.g. Professor Huang Danian Style Teachers Team. In addition, the Academy has been inviting academicians home or abroad, renowned scholars, experts in various fields and social elites to offer lectures or deliver speeches to the students on a regular basis.


The Academy introduces the teaching mode from the University of Reading and changes the tradition of teacher-centred instruction and adopts smaller class scale and practices flip class of teaching and PBL education. With students as the core of curriculum design, the Academy imports online teaching platform from the University of Reading completely and aims at seamless interaction between students and overseas faculty. Both universities share their resources and explore student-centered education mode which makes students the initiator, analyzer and solver of problems to expedite their learning initiatives. With the University of Reading as a benchmark, the Academy introduces the teaching plans from the UK, uses English textbooks, teaches courses in English under the context of English language, with its international characteristics in faculty, teaching assessment and talent cultivation aim.


Subject Teachers (International)

Phd degree holders in relevant fields with at least two years’ full-time teaching experience in relevant fields; high proficiency in English to teach Atmospheric Sciences, Data Science and Big Data Technology ( undergraduate programme), Geographic Information Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, International Trade and Economics, Applied Chemistry and Data Science and Data and Decision Analysis ( postgraduate programme) ; strong research capacity in relevant fields.

  • The first term of employment is for 5 years with a probationary period of 1 year. The evaluation may be based on a point system or personalized (agreement) assessment.
  • The annual salary is generally no less than RMB 300,000 (before tax), with the settlement fee of no less than RMB 100,000 and Nanjing Social Insurance provided. A monthly rental allowance of RMB 1500 is available and has the priority to rent a rental on-campus talent apartment (the teacher himself/herself shall pay for the rent, network, water & electricity fee, and relevant costs). Annual travel allowance of RMB 10,000-15,000 is provided.
  • Foreign professional teachers are managed and served by NUIST Reading Academy and will participate in research team of their respective faculty. A co-teacher will be assigned to each foreign teacher to help with affairs on and off campus.

English Teachersnon-Chinese nationality

  • Applicants should be from native English-speaking countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, with a MSc. degree or above and at least 2 years’ work experience in English teaching. There is no requirement for work experience for applicants majored in Education, Language or graduated from normal universities. Applicants should be under the age of 60.
  • The first term of employment is for 3 years, including a probationary period of 6 months.
  • The annual salary is generally no less than RMB 250,000 (before tax), with the settlement fee of no less than RMB 50,000. A monthly rental allowance of RMB 1500 is available and has the priority to rent a rental on-campus talent apartment (the teacher himself/herself shall pay for the rent, network, water & electricity fee, and relevant costs). Annual travel allowance of RMB 10,000-15,000 is provided.
  • The Chinese-foreign cooperative academic English teaching and Research Center is responsible for the guidance and management of the teaching and research work.