Recruitment of Postdoctoral Teachers of The College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University

January 10, 2022
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Job Description

In order to build a world-class university and a first-rate discipline, and to promote the higher and faster development of the discipline of foreign languages of Nankai University, the College of Foreign Languages is now recruiting postdoctoral teachers from all over the world according to the Nankai University’s 2019 Assistant Researcher (Postdoctoral) Appointment Management Work Plan.


  1. Subjects and Research Fields

Nine disciplines: English, Translation, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic.

Five research fields: National and Regional Studies, Foreign Literatures, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies


  1. Criteria of Selection

(1) Possess good professional ethics and professionalism, abide by laws and regulations, and have a correct style of study, and possess the political and moral qualities required by university teachers.

(2) Obtained PhD degrees in linguistics, literature, translation studies and other related subjects in humanities and social sciences from prestigious universities at home and abroad.

(3) Under 35 years of age, applying within three years of graduation.

(4) Priority given to those with important research publications at home and abroad.


  1. Selection Mechanism

According to relevant regulations of Nankai University and the College of Foreign Languages, applicants should provide the following materials:

(1) Academic resume, copies of academic achievements and awards.

(2) Recommendation letters from academic supervisors.

(3) Candidates of the academic committee of the College for examination and selection, and then submits the list to the personnel office of the university for approval.


  1. Wages and Benefits

(1) Assistant researchers (post-doctorate) shall be paid the salary no less than the standard of the full-time teacher (intermediate level) of the university, and at the same time are entitled to subsidies in accordance with relevant policies of Tianjin.

(2) Based on the results of the annual appraisal, the College shall provide 10,000 yuan each year as supporting funds for each postdoctoral fellow.

(3) Assistant researchers (post-doctorate) are entitled to housing subsidies from Nankai University and can apply for temporary housing to the Real Estate Management Office, according to relevant provisions of the Interim Procedures for the Management of Temporary Housing for Young Faculty and Staff of Nankai University.

(4) Entitled to children’s enrollment in nursery school and primary school.

(5) For the appointment period, assessment methods, job objectives and other matters, please refer to the “2021 Recruitment and Management Rules of Postdoctoral Teachers of the College of Foreign Languages of Nankai University”.


  1. Application Submission

Prospective applicants please send the electronic version of the application materials (resume, catalog of academic achievements) to the personnel secretary of the College:

Contacts: Ms. Chen

Contact numbers: 13752128576, 022-23505270

Address: The College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University, No. 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin 300071.