Recruitment of Talent Positions at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

March 25, 2024

Job Description

Job Positions

I. Top Talent

Basic Requirements: Top experts and scholars who have made systematic and creative achievements and significant contributions in the field of science and technology.

II. Leading Talent

  1. Age below 55 years old;
  2. Possess a doctoral degree;
  3. Profound academic expertise with an international leading position in the respective field;
  4. Achieved internationally recognized significant contributions. 


III. Outstanding Young Talent

  1. Age below 45 years old;
  2. Possess a doctoral degree;
  3. Published influential academic papers in prominent journals;
  4. Young scholars with deep academic expertise and outstanding achievements in their respective disciplines.


IV. Young Talent

  1. Age below 40 years old;
  2. Possess a doctoral degree;
  3. Demonstrate the ability to grasp the forefront of their field and have achieved certain academic accomplishments;
  4. Ability to apply for and lead international cooperation or national-level research projects.



  1. Competitive salary packages for all positions;
  2. Generous research funding support;
  3. Housing allowances based on talent levels;
  4. Tailored arrangements for top talent, leading talent, and urgently needed positions.


Contact Us

Please send your detailed CV (including continuous education and work experience from undergraduate to the application date, publications, research projects, honors, etc.), representative works (3 or more), and other materials showcasing your academic achievements to the Human Resources Department of Shengjing Hospital, email:, with the subject line indicating “Name + Position.”

Contact Person: Teacher Cao

Email Address:


Hospital Introduction

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, formerly known as Shengjing (Shi) Hospital built by the Church of Scotland in Shenyang in 1883, is the first western hospital in Northeast China. In 1949, Shengjing Hospital was formally merged into China Medical University and became the affiliated Hospital of China Medical University. The hospital is a large comprehensive modern digital university affiliated hospital. It is one of the first batch of national regional medical center (comprehensive type) and national children’s regional medical center jointly built by CPC and Province.


Regional Centers – Outstanding Reputation

The hospital has three major medical districts, Nanhu, Huaxiang and Shenbei, all located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, with a total area of 69,200 square meters; Shengjing Science and Technology Innovation Center is located in the high-tech zone of Benxi City, Liaoning Province, “the Pharmaceutical Capital of China”, with a construction area of 152,100 square meters. The science and innovation center of the three major medical districts of the hospital implements integrated management to ensure the coordinated operation and rapid development of the hospital. The hospital is the first comprehensive hospital in China with the famous trademark of China.

The hospital has an excellent medical level, with 19 national key clinical specialties, 42 provincial key clinical specialties, 16 provincial and ministerial level medical training bases, 17 medical diagnosis and treatment centers above the provincial level, and 12 provincial medical quality control centers. The hospital has 29 first-level diagnosis and treatment subjects, 82 second-level diagnosis and treatment subjects, 204 medical and medical technology departments (wards), 6,750 beds, an annual emergency department of 4.718 million patients, 259,000 patients discharged from the hospital and 109,000 surgical operations.


Discipline Construction – Driven by Innovation

Over the years, the hospital enjoys outstanding advantages in the fields of pediatric surgery, allergy, pediatric internal medicine, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation and other fields. The hospital has 1 national key discipline, 15 provincial key disciplines, and 26 research centers or laboratories above the provincial level.

With strong teaching strength, the hospital is the largest training base for resident doctors and completion assessment base for resident doctors in Liaoning Province. Every year, the hospital trains more than 800 students, more than 1700 master students, more than 1500 resident doctors and more than 50 specialist doctors. The hospital has rich teaching achievements, with 4 national first-class undergraduate specialty construction, 1 national virtual teaching and research room construction, 2 national first-class undergraduate courses, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching project, 30 provincial first-class undergraduate courses.


Talent Hub – Gathering of Elite Professionals

There are 7,394 staff members in the hospital, including 937 senior professional titles, 155 doctoral supervisors and 597 master supervisors. The hospital has a team of top clinical research talents led by Changjiang  Scholars and Distinguished Young Scholars.