Recruitment Schedule for Talents and Post-doctors of State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization of Anhui Agricultural University in 2022

October 6, 2022
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Job Description

The State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization is based on the national key (cultivation) discipline of Anhui Agricultural University—— Tea Science. This discipline, formerly known as the Tea Specialization Department of Agriculture College of Fudan University, is the cradle of tea science discipline in China and has been selected as the world-class Discipline Construction Plan of Anhui Province and Anhui Province Summit Discipline. At present, the laboratory focuses on four main research directions: physiological ecology and germplasm innovation of tea tree, secondary metabolism and quality chemistry of tea tree, health function and mechanism of action of tea, and quality safety and processing utilization of tea.

The laboratory has:

1) the first-class scientific research conditions: the total area of research covers 12,000 square meters; the original value of instruments and equipment is more than hundreds of millions of yuan. It has also formed ten technical platforms, including tea molecular biology, bioinformatics analysis, metabolomics, separation and structure identification, cytological analysis, experimental animals, quality and safety testing technology, quality control technology, physiology and nutrition, and spectral analysis.

2) the first-class scientific research team: the laboratory has 71 scientific researchers, including 30 professors, 3 national talents, 28 returned from abroad, 27 PhD supervisors. Now, it has formed a multidisciplinary research team, and has been approved as the first batch of provincial science and technology innovation team in Anhui Province, Anhui Province 115 industrial innovation team, the Ministry of Education innovation team, “the province’s top ten excellent industrial innovation team”, and the fifth “National Advanced Collective of Professional and Technical Talents”. In 2016, the Laboratory’s tea chemistry and health team was approved as a key laboratory for international cooperation by the Ministry of Education; in 2020, the Laboratory was selected as one of the “Innovation and Wisdom Introduction Program for Higher Education”. The Laboratory is becoming an important research base for tea disciplines at home and abroad, a place where outstanding scientific and technological talents gather, and a base for cultivating high-level talents in tea science.

Due to the work needs, we are recruiting talents and postdocs at home and abroad.

I.Introduction of talents to apply for jobs

  1. Introduction of specialties and research directions

Background in synthetic biology, tea processing and deep processing, plant secondary metabolism, developmental biology of horticultural plants (tea trees, etc.), physiological ecology of tea trees, plant protection, intelligent machinery, food flavor chemistry, nutritional health and other related disciplines.

  1. The Scope of the Desired Talent

Level 1

Outstanding talents who have a very high authoritative reputation, academic achievements and social influence in their discipline, and who can lead the relevant research direction to reach the global advanced level.

Level 2

Leading talents who are active in mind, have outstanding achievements and have attained important results recognized by peers both at home and abroad, and whose age generally does not over fifty-five years old.

Level 3

Talents who are able to make impressive efforts in discipline construction, international cooperation, social service and other sectors, and whose research direction is in accordance with the development needs of the discipline and whose age generally does not over forty-five years old.

Level 4

Talents who have worked as assistant professor in foreign famous universities or scientific research institutions, or who have high-level professional techniques. Researchers from national scientific research institutions or associate researchers with outstanding achievements; professors from domestic famous universities or with important achievements; talents who have published high-level papers as the first author or corresponding author and have doctoral degrees, and whose age generally does not over forty years old.

  1. Salary and Treatment

Refer to Anhui Agricultural University’s Implementation Measures for the Introduction of High-level Talents ( If there is any change, the latest policy of Anhui Agricultural University shall prevail, and the specific agreement shall be made according to “one person, one discussion”.

  1. Application process and others

(1) Please send your resume and academic research representative works to

(2) For those who pass the preliminary examination, the laboratory will organize experts from the personnel department of the university to interview, assess and evaluate the applicant’s political and ideological performance, scientific research ability and academic level.

(3) Laboratory website:

(4) Contact number: 0551-65780360

  1. Postdoctoral application
  2. Conditions

(1) No bad records such as academic integrity and violation of laws and disciplines.

(2) Be interested in research and have a strong team spirit and a strong sense of responsibility.

(3) Have a doctor’s degree related to the research direction of key laboratories; The age should be under 35 generally;

(4) Applicants should have published academic papers in internationally recognized high-quality academic journals or achieved high-level academic achievements as the first author.

(5) Applicants should have good English listening and speaking skills, proficiency in reading professional literature, and strong Chinese and English writing skills.

(6) Be able to carry out full-time academic research in our laboratory.

  1. Job duties

(1) Complete the research work assigned by the cooperative supervisor or independently undertake the relevant topics.

(2) Assist subject leader in subject and lab management.

  1. Salary and treatment

(1) Salary: RMB 200,000-250,000 per year, depending on the academic performance during the PhD; relative information for the treatment of selected outstanding post-docs of the university could be searched in the specific webpage

(2) Those who have outstanding performance during the station may be given priority to be hired as permanent researchers on the staff of the key laboratory.

(3) Title declaration: Postdoctoral researchers who have not obtained professional and technical positions can apply to participate in the evaluation of the corresponding professional and technical positions organized by the university.

(4) Housing: The university provides housing in the postdoctoral apartment for the postdoctoral fellows during the two years of their stay, and the rent and utilities are in accordance with the relevant regulations of the university.

(5)  Household registration: in accordance with the national postdoctoral management methods. The university will assist in solving the work of spouse and schooling of children.

  1. Application process and others

(1) Applicants should send their CVs, research profiles, representative papers PDFs and contact information of three referees to the e-mail:

(2) After receiving the application materials, the Key Laboratory will promptly organize a group of experts to assess the applicant’s scientific research ability and academic level through the form of interview and defense, and then consult with the University Personnel Office to give the employment opinion and admission treatment.

(3) Check detailed information in the following table.

Research Directions

  1. Innovations in tea tree biology and ecology and seed quality

Wei Chaoling (

Li Yeyun (

Xia Enhua (

Zhang Zhaoliang (

Fei Yue (

  1. Tea tree secondary metabolism and quality chemistry

Wan Xiaochun (

Gao Liping (

Song Chuankui (

Bao Guanhu (

Ling Tiejun (

Deng Weiwei (

Zhang Liang (

  1. Healthy functions of tea and its action mechanism

Zhang Jinsong (

Li Daxiang (

  1. Quality safety of tea and processing& application

Xia Tao (

Ning Jingming (

Du Xianfeng (

Gao Xueling(

Zhou Yu (

Hou Ruyan (

Cai Huimei (