Remote Game Operation Specialist (Filipino Native Speaker)

October 9, 2022
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Job Description


  1. Bachelor’s degree and no limitation on major. In school and fresh graduate are both acceptable.
  2. Fluent in both Filippino and Chinese. Good at both writing and verbal communication.
  3. With the solid anti-pressure ability, team spirit, and self-motivation.
  4. Passionate about games and hope to build your career in the Internet industry.
  5. Able to work full time: Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day


  1. 本科学历, 专业不限。在校或应届生都是可接受的。
  2. 会流利的中文与菲律宾语。良好的书面语口头沟通能力。
  3. 有较强的抗压能力,团队精神与自驱力。
  4. 对游戏充满激情并希望在互联网行业建立你的事业。
  5. 能够全职工作:星期一到星期五,一天八个小时。

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the operation and management of social media(Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and so on), encouraging user participation and enhancing the interactive atmosphere.
  2. Address users’ feedback, answering users’ questions.
  3. Track and follow the hot spots on local social media platforms in the Philippines and plan operational activities to promote the products.
  4. Detailed analysis of competing products and make optimization proposals.
  5. Help the team to translate the text in the game into Filipino.


  1. 负责社交媒体的运营与管理(FB/抖音/Ins等),鼓励玩家参与活动并加强互动氛围。
  2. 处理玩家的反馈,回答玩家的问题
  3. 跟踪并关注菲律宾当地社交平台上的热点并计划相应的运营活动去推广产品。
  4. 详尽地分析竞品并提出优化建议。
  5. 帮助团队将游戏中的文字翻译为菲律宾语。


BOKE primarily focuses on developing and publishing high-quality casual games globally and is thriving to become the world’s advanced interactive entertainment platform. We are a group of young and optimistic friends. We have a perfect development architecture and technology training system, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a mindless working machine.

BOKE主要致力于全球高品质休闲游戏的开发和发行,正在成为全球先进的互动娱乐平台的路上高速发展。我们是由一群年轻并积极的小伙伴所组成的团队 。我们有完整的开发系统以及技术培训系统。你不需要担心成为一个无脑的工作机器。