Science Teacher/ Leader

March 15, 2024

Job Description



Grade Level



Science & Engineering


Nanjing, China

Full-time Job Description:

Nanjing, China – Jinling High School Hexi Campus
International School – all Chinese students studying the Canadian PEI Curriculum
(Prince Edward Island)
3 high school classes, 7 periods a week for each course (45 minute periods)
(Approximately 3 X 7 = 21 teaching periods per week)
Hours 8 am-5 pm and a 2-hour lunch
Amazing, dedicated students
Lots of academic support for teachers and students
Approximately 20 students per class
Must arrive 1.5 months before classes start ( if the candidates are not in China); arrive 1 week before classes start for candidates who are in China now.
the First day of classes is approximately the first week in September
Lots of assistance to obtain your VISA for China
Contract until the end of  June 2024
Hours 8 am-5 pm and a 2-hour lunch


Payment package:26000-31000 RMB/month, full payment during winter holiday. (all the welfare is included in the payment package)
The school provide apartment allowance and medical insurance,subsidy for air tickets,holiday and vocation in China.
Apartment allowance: The school provide RMB3000 per month for apartment allowance to the teacher. And we can provide necessary assistance on renting an ideal apartment. Help teacher to communicate with the real estate agency and find a satisfying apartment.
Medical insurance: covering all over the mainland in China,It covers outpatient and inpatient medical insurance in China, as well as accident and injury insurance.
Flight subsidy: we provide a subsidy for air tickets round trip. 12000RMB for a whole year.


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