SISU Job Offers for Full-time Foreign Teachers

April 26, 2022
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Job Offers for Full-time Foreign Teachers


In order to further enhance the internationalization of School of Business English, Sichuan International Studies University(SISUBE), broaden students’ international vision and attract excellent international teachers, SISUBE releases recruitment for excellent foreign teachers with relevant information as follows:



SISUBE recruits teachers in Language Teaching and Subject Teaching. The employment will be full-time under contract management and principles, and the employment period shall not be less than 12 months.

岗位类型Post 专业 / 语言种类Major / Language
语言教学类Language Teaching 英语English
学科教学类Subject Teaching 管理学Management、经济学Economics


招聘条件Position Requirements

  •  身体健康,对华友好,愿意合作。

In good health, friendly to China and willing to cooperate.

  •  遵守中华人民共和国法律法规和学校相关规章制度。无违法犯罪记录,无未了结的法律、案件纠纷。

Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and relevant rules and regulations of the University. No illegal and criminal records, no unresolved legal and case disputes.

  •  原则上不超过60周岁。符合国家规定的外国高端人才(A类)可不受年龄限制。

In principle, no more than 60 years old. Foreign talents who meet national regulations (Category A) are not subject to age restrictions.

  •  资历条件Teaching and Researching Qualifications
  1.       语言教学类外籍教师原则上应从事其母语国母语教学,并取得大学学士及以上学位且具有2年及以上语言教育工作经历。取得教育类、语言类或师范类学士及以上学位的,或取得所在国教师资格证书或取得符合要求的国际语言教学证书的,可免除工作经历要求。

Applicants for Language Teaching should be engaged in the teaching with mother tongue with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and have at least 2-year teaching experience. Working experience may be exempted if applicants hold a Bachelor’s degrees or higher in pedagogy, language teaching or education, or if applicants hold national or international language teaching qualification certificates.

  1.       学科教学类外籍教师原则上应具有相应学科硕士及以上学位或助理教授及以上资格,具备岗位所需的教学、科研能力和水平。

Applicants for Subject Teaching should at least have a Master’s degree, or have been employed as an assistant professor or higher professional titles. Besides, applicants should be capable of teaching and conducting academic research in relevant subjects.

待遇Benefits for Posts

  •  工资Salary


The foreign teacher’s salary will be determined comprehensively according to factors such as post type, tasks, professional titles, education backgrounds, etc. The details can be negotiated.

  •  其他待遇Other benefits
  1.       医疗保险:学校为每位外籍教师购买覆盖中国大陆境内医疗保险。同时,每学期提供500元门诊就医费用报销,可凭公立医院正式发票报销。学校不提供外籍教师在中国大陆境外的医疗费用和保险,要求外籍教师入境前在国籍国自行购买覆盖中国大陆境外的医疗保险。

Health Care: SISU purchases medical insurance covering mainland China for every foreign teacher. And each semester, we provide additional RMB500 yuan of outpatient medical expenses, which can be reimbursed with official invoices from public hospitals. We don’t provide medical expenses and insurance for foreign teachers outside mainland China, so you are required to purchase medical insurance covering overseas before entering China.

  1.       免费住宿:学校为外籍教师提供设施配套的免费公寓,校园网及一定额度的水电气。

A free apartment equipped with necessary living facilities on campus, including certain quota of water, electricity, gas free for use and free Internet access etc.

  1.       餐补:每月发放餐补。

Meal allowance paid by month.

  1.       机票报销:外籍教师到校时,可以报销从国籍国到重庆最短距离或最低价格的经济舱飞机票一次。履行完一学年合同,外籍教师可报销从重庆至国籍国最短距离或最低价格的经济舱位返程国际机票一次。实报实销。

The Air ticket covering the most direct route (or lowest price ticket) from your home country to Chongqing for arrival shall be reimbursed at the beginning of the contract. When you complete one academic year of service for SISU, we shall reimburse you one-way international air ticket covering the most direct route (or lowest price ticket) from Chongqing to your home country. Reimbursement for actual expenses.

  1.       符合学校关于教职工教学、科研等奖励规定及职称评定的,同样适用外籍教师。

The same applies to foreign teachers who meet the university’s regulations on teaching and research awards and professional title evaluation.

  1.       语言培训:定期开设免费中文培训班。

Free Chinese language training classes will be set up regularly.

  1.       外籍教师按中国法律法规和学校相关规定享受节假日。

Foreign teachers enjoy holidays in accordance with Chinese laws, regulations and school regulations as well.