Software Development Engineer in Test

August 30, 2022

Job Description

Key Qualifications

  • – 5+ years of QA experience in embedded firmware, Linux drivers – preferably on consumer hardware/software products.
  • – Automation experience in modern scripting or compiled languages (Python, Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, etc.)
  • – The quality efforts include hands-on functional, white box testing, bug reporting, maintaining test guidelines, development and execution, triage of automated tests.
  • – Experience with automation frameworks and tools development is required.
  • – Experience with triage and troubleshooting automated tests and failures to determine product issues across hardware-software domain.
  • – Excellent knowledge of QA methodologies, writing test plans and test cases, and exploring creative testing ideas.
  • – Experience with hardware and/or software development lifecycle processes.
  • – Ability to tackle hard problems with creative and balanced solutions.
  • – Able to read board schematics and know EE fundamentals.
  • – UI software development on MacOS, Windows, or iOS application for simple engineering applications. (Qt and/or SWIFT preferred)
  • – Experience with CI/CD software framework like Jenkins.
  • – Knowledgable about serial communication protocols and ability to read bus traces (I2C, SPI, UART, USB, etc.)
  • – Able to use tools such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and on-chip debuggers.
  • – Version control systems such as Git, Perforce.
  • – Simple soldering and rework experience is a plus.

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