Student Counselor

September 25, 2022

Job Description

Job Title:
Student Counselor (SHPX2324-01)
Posted Date: 09/15/2022 Expiration Date: 07/31/2023
Location: YCIS – Shanghai(Puxi) (Shanghai Puxi SEC) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(08/01/2023)
Job Description: • Support the YCIS Mission, Principles & Practice;
• Actively support and promote the Puxi Common Purpose;
• Lead, support or promote school-based initiatives, as appropriate;
• Build the capacity of staff in the use of wellness strategies to achieve better learning outcomes;
• Provide a comprehensive counselling services which promotes personal, social, emotional /mental health and academic development for all students through pro-active learning activities and other services;
• Collaborate with the YCIS Puxi Child Protection Team to ensure school practices are in accordance with the expectations of the Child Protection Policy;
• Participate in the review and evaluation of policies and procedures for the well-being of students to ensure they are effective;
• Provide prevention, intervention and crisis response services to students, their families and other stakeholders;
• Assist with modification of assessments where appropriate;
• Manage and evaluate counselling and intervention programmes throughout the year;
• Provides in-class and/or withdrawal support for students requiring counselling support;
• Work with Wellness staff in each campus to enhance the Wellness programme;
• Ensure all confidential information is kept in a safe and secure manner;
• Manage appropriate counselling resources to ensure they are used efficiently, effectively and safely;
• Contribute to the building the capacity of the Student Success Team members by sharing strategies that reflect best practice;

• Provide counselling services to students (and staff when applicable) and families as appropriate in need of emotional support;
• Refer cases to outside agencies as appropriate;
• offer professional advice to students and staff regarding strategies to support learning outcomes;
• Develop with the relevant staff, family and student to create Individual Educational Plan (IEPs) consulting with outside agencies when necessary;
• Assist in providing support to identified students and families transitioning in and out of the school

• Work with Year Level Leaders or equivalent to identify students who need support;
• Conduct testing as appropriate and provide relevant data and associated recommendations to identified staff;
• Liaise with Puxi Systems & Data Team who have the responsibility for the collection and analysis of data to produce data trend documents, and generate infographics with wellness related data;
• Maintain appropriate data as required for YCIS accreditation purposes.

• Contribute entries for the Puxi Portal and news feeds for the YCIS Puxi community;
• Provide recommended reading that reflects best practice for parents;
• Run workshops for parents and the wider community as and when appropriate;
• Attend school events and connect with the community in social circumstances;
• Promote parent understanding of the educational programs YCIS Puxi provides;
• Promote YCIS learning opportunities and experiences at conferences, through collaborative professional learning groups, and within in the broader community.
• Any other tasks assigned by the Co-Principals and Vice Principals.

Job Requirements:

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