Supplier Capacity Management

July 1, 2022

Job Description

1. Plan, prepare and conduct audits and initiate and track countermeasures if necessary for the assigned supplier. Take responsibility for all necessary audits (CSE, LPA, DLA, SPT and VDA 6.3 support) during the ramp up phase of a new product project for the assigned supplier. Identify capacity shortages and apply countermeasures. Solve shortages in a sustainable way.
2. Calculate required supplier capacities based on documentation in Daimler systems and project information, align with supplier and buyer about the countermeasures, present in committees to get a management decision for the capacity extensions.
3. Propose and introduce corrective Logistics measures to stabilize assigned supplier processes continuously (incl. Task force management).
4. Release the production process of local content suppliers of the assigned commodity from a logistics point of view based on audits results. Take responsibility for the necessary actions to assure that the suppliers are able to fulfill Mercedes Standards by creating necessary countermeasures.
5. Represent Supplier Readiness and Capacity Management – Logistics in the relevant forums, coordinate and report on activities with quality and purchasing for assigned commodity. Contact suppliers in capacity and logistics-related issues, ensure distribution of relevant project information for assigned suppliers. Continuously improvement of processes and methods within the team and related functions.
6. Monitor supplier planning process and process readiness status of the assigned suppliers in the new product creation phase until the end of ramp up phase, including sub-supplier management for allocated suppliers.

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