Tenure-track Faculty Openings, Institute for International Students,Nanjing University, China

September 20, 2022
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Job Description

Tenure-track Faculty Faculty Openings

Institute for International Students,Nanjing University, China


  1. About the Institute

The Institute for International Students, Nanjing University is a professional department teaching Chinese as an international language with the longest history and the largest number of talents among Chinese universities, and ranks among the top in all discipline evaluations. The institute has a high-level faculty, with an overall size of about 22 people. The institute has established partnerships with the University of Sheffield in the UK and the University of Melbourne in Australia, presided over and participated in a number of international cooperation projects, and has great international influence.


  1. Description of Openings

The Institute for International Students, Nanjing University plans to recruit young talents who are interested in various research fields of teaching Chinese as an international language on a global scale. The application is open to scholars from all over the world. There is vacancy for 1 tenure-track assistant professor this year. Higher positions for particularly outstanding scholars are available and application will be considered individually. Specific fields of research open for recruitment are:

  1. Teaching Chinese as an International Language
  2. Intercultural Communication


  1. Conditions for Application

(1)   Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and have a passion for teaching and research;

(2)   Abide by the ethics of teachers, uphold academic integrity, be willing to work diligently, and have no criminal record or record in breaching the ethics of teachers and/or academic integrity;

(3)   Have a first-rate background in academic training—specifically, a PhD in relevant disciplines, experience in studying and/or working at first-rate teaching and research institutions, and knowledge of the latest international trends and development in the relevant research field(s); In principle, tenure-track assistant professors are required to have graduated with a PhD degree and engaged in teaching and research for more than 2 years.

(4)   Have outstanding teaching abilities—the applicant should be able to teach core and frontline courses in the corresponding discipline, and have sound teaching methodology and strong verbal skills;

(5)   Demonstrate outstanding research output and potential—the applicant should have publications in his/her field of research, original ideas about relevant fields of research, a clear vision about future research plans, and good potential for further academic development.


  1. Supporting Materials for Application

(1)   A letter of application (please specify the field of research and position applied for)

(2)   A detailed CV (please include a list of publications)

(3)   An introduction of your research results and their innovative significance

(4)   A plan for research and its prospects

(5)   Three reference letters

(6)   An account of experience in teaching.


  1. Working at Nanjing University

(1)   An annual salary (to be worked out individually)

(2)   A start-up fund for research

(3)   Qualification to supervise graduate students

(4)   The university provides short-term lodging and housing subsidies. Applicants recruited can purchase commercial housing offered by the university at a special discount

(5)   The university provides assistance with children’s schooling at primary and secondary school levels.


  1. Important Dates

October 31st, 2022

The application period will be extended appropriately if the number of the applicants for single position is relatively small.

Results are estimated to be released by the end of January 2023.


  1. Contact Us

Tel.: +86 (0)25-83594613 (Mr. Chen)

Email:  hwhr@nju.edu.cn

Website: https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/index.htm







  1. 国际中文教育
  2. 跨文化交际



  1. 遵守中华人民共和国法律和法规,热爱教学科研事业;
  2. 具有良好的师德师风,恪守学术道德,勤勉工作,无犯罪记录,无违反师德师风和学术道德惩处记录;
  3. 一流的学术背景:具有相关学科领域的博士学位,具有一流教学科研机构的学习、工作经验,熟悉相关领域国际前沿的研究动态。准聘助理教授要求博士毕业从事学术研究两年以上;
  4. 出色的教学能力:应具有能够胜任本专业核心基础课程和前沿课程的教学能力,掌握良好的教学方法,具有较强的语言表达能力;
  5. 突出的科研成果显示度与未来科研发展潜力:应有相关研究方向的成果显示度,对相关研究领域有原创性观点,未来研究计划思路清晰,具有较好的学术潜力。



  1. 岗位申请信(应明确申报的研究方向、具体岗位)
  2. 详细个人简历(含已发表学术成果目录)
  3. 研究成果与创新性
  4. 研究计划与研究潜力
  5. 三封推荐信
  6. 教学经验




  1. 事业编制岗位或参照事业编制聘用
  2. 实行年薪制(具体另行商定)
  3. 科研启动经费
  4. 研究生招生
  5. 学校提供短期周转住房和住房补贴,获聘人可优惠购买学校提供的商品房
  6. 协助解决子女就读于小学和中学