The Parallel Forum on Quantum Information Science of the 2022 Beijing International Youth Innovation and Development Forum and the BAQIS “Shedding Light on Quantum” Forum is Now Open for Application

September 28, 2022

Job Description

Introduction of 2022 Beijing International Youth Innovation and Development Forum

The Parallel Forum on Quantum Information Science of the 2022 Beijing International Youth Innovation and Development Forum and the “Shedding Light on Quantum” Forum held by the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) aims to build a platform for excellent young scholars from home and abroad to conduct academic exchanges and share their achievements. The forum, themed on “Gathering Talent for Quantum Science”, will organize a series of in-depth discussions on quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum precision measurement and quantum state of matter among other topics through online keynote speeches, academic presentations and talent interviews.

Scholars all over the world are invited to give a speech at the forum and share their observations on the frontier hot topics, so as to promote the development of quantum information science, and help Beijing grow into an international center for science and technology innovation.

The forum will be held on October 20-21, 2022.


Beijing Overseas Talents Center

Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences

Application Requirements:

Research interest:

Quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum precision measurement, quantum state of matter, etc.


1. The applicant must abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and be healthy physically and mentally.

2. The applicant must obtain a doctorate degree from a prestigious university in China or from abroad, and be no more than 45 years old. Exceptions can be made to extremely outstanding applicants.

3. The applicant must have* taught or worked as a researcher fellow in well-known universities, research institutions or R&D enterprises at home or abroad for at least three years*; Excellent applicants who obtained doctorate degree from overseas institutes is allowed to have less than three-years’ working experience.

4. The applicant’s research interest is in line with the strategies of the BAQIS.

5. The applicant must have made scientific research achievements or technical contributions that are recognized by domestic and foreign experts, and have the potential to become an academic leader or an outstanding talent in the field.

Application Procedures

Deadline of application:

Till September 21, 2022 (Beijing Time).

Application System:

Please complete the online application via the above link. The application will be reviewed by BAQIS.

Letter of Invitation:

Once the speakers are confirmed, BAQIS will send letters of invitation to the finalists via e-mail before September 30, 2022 (Beijing time). Please check you Inbox.

Participation Confirmation:

Invited speakers must confirm their participation by October 8, 2022 (Beijing Time).

Eligible speakers may be shortlisted into the review of Beijing talent projects organized by BAQIS.

Position Setting

The forum intends to bring in numerous talents (including senior research scientist, research scientist and associate research scientist) from home and abroad. Privileges provided are as follows:

1. Internationally competitive salary (annual pre-tax income for senior research scientists can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Annual pre-tax income for research scientist is no less than 900,000 RMB. Annual pre-tax income for associate research scientist is no less than 700,000 RMB);

2. A start-up funding of no less than 10 million yuan for those who independently organize an experimental scientific research team;

3. Household registration (Hukou) of the applicant in Beijing;

4. Help to coordinate dependent children’s education;

5. If applicable, help to apply for Beijing government-sponsored apartment for talents (with decoration);

6. Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, housing provident fund and supplementary commercial insurance (covering the spouse and children);

7. Eligible talents are supported to apply the talent programs at the national and municipal level (Beijing) with research grants/living allowances depending on the specific program.

Introduction of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences

Established on December 24, 2017 and initiated by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) is a new type of research institute co-founded by several top-notch academic institutions. It also represents the efforts of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality in responding to the central government’s strategic decisions to build an international center for science and technology innovation. BAQIS bears the mission of “establishing a world-class institute for solving the most pressing difficulties faced by our country and leading the world’s research and development”. BAQIS is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of quantum physics and quantum information technology, while adopting a governance model and an operation mechanism in line with international standards. Gathering the backbone scholars in Beijing who specialize in quantum state of matter, quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum materials and devices and quantum precision measurement, BAQIS is introducing top-notch talents from home and abroad in its move to build a stable group of research teams working on fully-fledged academic disciplines with first-class experts at the core, a technical support team composed of high-level engineers, and outstanding supporting platforms for experiment. In doing so, BAQIS strives to make world-class achievements in the study of the theory, materials and devices, communication, computing and precision measurement among other fields of basic research, and make quantum technology be applied at a large scale and in a practical and industrialized manner, in order to improve China’s strategic strength of science and technology.

Governance model in line with international standards

In terms of its organization structure, BAQIS is a institution with independent legal persons initiated and established by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, with no limit to the size and no officially budgeted posts. BAQIS adopts a system, in which the President, under the leadership of the Board of Directors, assume the main responsibility. The Board serves as the decision-making body, subordinated by the Performance Evaluation Committee and the Audit Committee. As for its operation mechanism, BAQIS is actively enhancing its innovation in systems for talents recruitment, integration of stock resources and sharing of intellectual property rights, so as to ensure its sound development.

Sound salary and welfare system

When it comes to talent recruitment and cultivation, instead of adopting the same system of officially budgeted posts with fixed salary as other public institutions, BAQIS embraces a more flexible way to attract talents by the contract system with a flexible salary structure, which has already been applied by many international research institutions, and provides support for talents in household registration, housing, and children’s education. BAQIS also encourages domestic and foreign researcher fellows to join BAQIS either in full-time or part-time form, which is beneficial to the free flow of talents.

Remarkable scientific achievements

BAQIS developed the world’s longest-life superconducting qubit chip (503 microseconds), broke a world record for creating Quantum Secure Direct Communication (QSDC), transferring information securely over a distance of 100 km, proposed and realized the world’s first twin-field quantum key distribution technology without optical frequency dissemination. In addition, BAQIS also researched and developed a new type of miniature atomic clock with its frequency stability and timekeeping accuracy in line with international standards, and realized the world’s first “industrial-grade ultra-compact, ultra-short and ultra-intense terawatt laser and the first desktop sync light source prototype”.

Superior location

BAQIS is located in the west of Zhongguancun Software Park in Haidian District, with Baiwang Mountain to the west, the Summer Palace to the south and the Beijing Aerospace City to the north. It is surrounded by beautiful sceneries and boasts excellent working environment. With many top universities and institutes nearby, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University and Tsinghua University, BAQIS has a diversified source of talents.

Innovation in mechanisms and systems

BAQIS is exploring a mechanism to integrate existing and new resources to make more innovation and share benefits with others. In addition to share existing resources in a digital way and enhance resource efficiency, BAQIS is also trying to find out the possibility of building the intellectual property sharing mechanism, whose benefits will be given to front-line researcher fellows as a motivation to their enthusiasm for R&D. By attracting social capital, BAQIS sets up the Quantum Information Research and Achievement Transfer Fund, and it contributes to the transfer of scientific achievements with the help of specialized service institutions.


BAQIS was entitled the National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talents by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China together with other three departments. It is qualified to identify Beijing overseas talents, and boasts the sub-workstations to independently recruit postdoctoral researcher fellows. Since its foundation, researcher fellows from BAQIS have been shortlisted into the national talent programs for 11 times and municipal talent programs for 17 times and district-level for 1 time.

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