Topic Manager, Global Assignment CoC Compensation Management 全球外派员工薪酬管理

June 28, 2022

Job Description

Main Objective of this position:
Responsible for compensation topic for global assignment management. This includes conceptional work of compensation setup for global assignees under different assignment policies, process design on coordinate on system implementation, training & communication of this topic to stakeholders worldwide to ensure proper and consistent implementation worldwide.
Backup role for contract and legal topic owners to support global governance role for management and implementation of contract and legal topics.
Main tasks:
Concept and Governance Compensation and Legal Topics:
– Concept setup and process design for all compensation topics for all mobility policies, including but not limited to regular salary review, annual bonuses, special bonuses & incentives, worker’s council agreements. Ensuring implementation for all assignments and entities worldwide.
– Analyzing and devising compensation topic for changed regulations and/or new legal entities, if needed, identifying local deviations for local implementation.
– Coordinating system implementation of compensation topics in GAM system, clarifying interfaces/processes with responsible main stakeholders.
– Ensuring all compensation topics are understood and applied consistently worldwide by means of user training, information distribution, production of manuals, work instructions, processes, etc. and are documented in a knowledge management database.
– Analyzing the existing package basis on actual trends, developments and benchmarks, identifying actions required and developing recommendations/highlighting where change is needed. Continuous exchange and update with the corporate compensation department to ensure that the specific topics and requirements of global assignment management are considered in the corporate processes and updates/ changes. Firmly rooting these topics in other GAM processes and coordinating with other GAM process owners.
– Preparing negotiation-ready, and implementation-ready recommendations and concepts (for management decision making) of compensation related topics by involvement of all global stakeholders in particular HR Business partner, Central HR Polcies etc.
– Acting as backup for contract and legal topics.
Coordination Business Divisions:
– Working very closely with the business divisions to establish requirements early on and identify risks, and to identify and optimize interfaces; representing and explaining the GAM policies and concepts, developing approaches to answer specific customer/business needs, while also taking into account global complexities and complying with the governance role.
Project Management:
– Managing projects to optimize the Global Mobility Policy, and compensation topics. Structuring and categorizing the project content, creating timelines and schedules to keep the project running on cost, on time. Pushing for the achievement of targets, where applicable recommending and implementing countermeasures or corrective measures. Responsibility for project reporting and monitoring.
Market & Communication:
– Devising (or helping with) and implementing suitable marketing and communication measures, taking into account group and departmental guidelines on communication, to increase the appeal of assignments for a range of target groups

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