UCAS Calling for Applications for the NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Overseas)

March 2, 2022

Job Description

Job Description

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) will continue in 2022 to provide resources for the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Overseas) in order to improve the talent funding system, introduce and nurture talent, and attract young outstanding talent from overseas to work in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

About the Fund

The Excellent Young Scientists Fund aims to attract and encourage overseas outstanding young scholars (including non-Chinese expatriates) who have made great achievements in the natural sciences, engineering, technology, and other similar fields to work in the PRC. The fund:

  • encourages young talent to conduct innovative research in their respective research direction;
  • promotes the rapid growth of young scientific talent, cultivates a number of outstanding scholars in the frontiers of science and technology in the world;
  • contributes to building the PRC’s strength in science and technology.

Applicant requirements

Fund applicants should meet the following requirements:

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), adhere to scientific ethics, and practice the scientific spirit in the new era of the PRC;

2. Have been born on/after January 1, 1982;

3. Hold a doctoral degree from a well-known domestic or overseas university. ;

4. Have a research direction in the natural sciences, engineering, technology, or similar field;

5. Have obtained before April 15, 2022, a formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, scientific research institution, or corporate research and development institution, and have more than 36 months of continuous work experience. For those having obtained a doctoral degree overseas and previously made outstanding academic achievements, the work experience requirement may be appropriately relaxed;

6. Have made scientific research findings recognized by peer experts and possess the potential of becoming an academic leader or exceptional talent in a particular field;

7. Not be currently working full time in the PRC, or have started working in the PRC after January 1, 2021. The applicant must resign from their current overseas position of employment or remain unemployed after having been notified of the funding award and return (come) to the PRC in order to hold a full-time position for at least three years.

Other requirements

The Fund program also adheres to the requirements of the limited programs of the Science Fund Program for Excellent Young Scientists in the National Natural Science Fund Guide to Programs 2022. The applicant should only apply for or undertake one funded program among the same level of state-sponsored funds.


1. Annual salary of no less than RMB 600,000 with year-end performance bonus.

2. Annual social security funds of approximately RMB 120,000 including social insurance, occupational annuity, and housing provident fund.

3. Research start-up funds: RMB 5-7 million (including state-level funds and funds from the Chinese Academy of Sciences). A case-by-case approval process will be administered under special circumstances.

4. One-off allowance of RMB 4 million (including state-level funds and funds from the Chinese Academy of Sciences).

5. Rental of a UCAS-based apartment with rental subsidies provided by UCAS.

6. Offer of a tenure-track position (Ph.D. supervisor) with guaranteed enrollment of a critical number of graduate students. The Fund recipient’s child(ren) can enroll in the affiliated kindergarten, primary school, and middle school. Travel expenses to the PRC will be reimbursed by UCAS.

About UCAS

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is an innovative university operating and functioning under the philosophy of “Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching”. The University student body is comprised predominantly of graduate students, while still offering elite undergraduate instruction. Under the guiding principles of “Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching”, “Putting Student Education First”, “Cooperation and Innovation”, and “Serving the Country”, the University is highly integrated with the research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in terms of the management, faculty, student education system, and scientific research.

UCAS boasts 3,152 full-time academic faculty and 12,880 Master’s/Doctoral supervisors in CAS institutes (including 7,537 doctoral supervisors of whom 239 are CAS academicians and 40 CAE academicians). Currently, UCAS has 1,640 undergraduate students, 57,400 graduate students (nearly 51.3% doctoral students), and 1,808 international students (1,144 doctoral students). The University is ranked among the top universities in terms of the number of international doctoral students.

UCAS provides first-class research conditions for students to conduct scientific research, with 23 large-scale national scientific facilities, 2 national research centers, 73 national key labs, 191 CAS key labs, 8 national engineering research centers, 17 national engineering technology research centers, 14 national engineering labs, and many state-level frontier scientific research projects.

UCAS confers doctoral degrees to students in 46 first-tier academic disciplines and one professional doctoral degree (Materials Science & Chemical Engineering) Master’s degrees in 57 first-tier disciplines, professional Master’s degrees in 16 disciplines, and Bachelor’s degrees in 15 majors. Additionally, UCAS has 114 postdoctoral research stations. While maintaining its strengths in the natural sciences, UCAS promotes the development of applied disciplines, cross-disciplines, the Humanities, and social sciences.

According to Nature Index 2021 Young Universities, among the world’s leading 50 young universities (aged 50 and under) ranked by each university’s published article count of the year 2020, 23 were Chinese universities. Five Chinese universities were ranked among the top 10. UCAS was ranked first for two consecutive years. In ESI Ranking of Chinese Mainland Universities, UCAS has been ranked at the top numerous times. According to the latest data, UCAS figured in the top 1/10000 in the disciplines of Materials Science and Chemistry, and 1/1000 in eight disciplines, including Materials Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Ecology.

Please contact UCAS for more information in the Yanqi Scholars Cloud Forum in March 2022! ( https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xYXT9DOZXJGNjEaBttaHGQ )

How to apply?

1. The application process begins after Feb. 15, 2022.

2. The Application deadline is Apr. 15, 2022.

3. There are two ways to apply:

(1) Register for 2022 UCAS Yanqi Scholars Cloud Forum and apply via the Cloud Forum system ( https://crm.9151.com.cn/UPukl );

(2) Email your resume. Send your resume (including your scientific research experience and major academic achievements) to the designated email address of UCAS Department of Human Resources or of the school/college to which you intend to apply. In the subject bar of your email, please include: “Your name+ Name of school/college + Excellent Young Scientists (Overseas)+research direction(s)”. To find more information about each school or college, please visit the homepage of the UCAS official website: https://english.ucas.ac.cn/.

Contact: Ms. Zhang

Tel: +86-10-69671096

Email: jobs@ucas.ac.cn

Our experienced team will provide you with quality service!


1. School of mathematical sciences

Contact: Mr.Liu

Tel: 010-88256100

Email: liulf@ucas.ac.cn

2. School of physical sciences

Contact: Ms.Hu

Tel: 010-88256404

Email: w_jxh@ucas.ac.cn

3. School of astronomy and space sciences

Contact: Ms.Mao

Tel: 010-64807969

Email: ynmao@nao.cas.cn

4. School of nuclear sciences and technology

Contact: Mr.Yu

Tel: 010-69672428

Email: yuyue@ucas.edu.cn

5. School of engineering sciences

Contact: Ms.Liu

Tel: 010-88256619

Email: liuym@ucas.ac.cn

6. School of aeronautics and astronautics

Contact: Mr.Xiao

Tel: 010-69671833

Email: xiaokexin@ucas.ac.cn

7. School of chemical sciences

Contact: Ms.Xu

Tel: 010-69672531

Email: xubingjie@ucas.ac.cn

8. School of chemical engineering

Contact: Ms.Zhang

Tel: 010-69672566

Email: zhangxiquan@ucas.ac.cn

9. School of nanoscience and technology

Contact: Ms.Zhao

Tel: 010-69672432

Email: jingzhao@ucas.ac.cn

10. College of material sciences and opto-electronic technology

Contact: Mr.Zhai

Tel: 010-69671751

Email: zhaiyanwu@ucas.ac.cn

11. School of optoelectronics

Contact: Ms.Du

Tel: 010-69671747

Email: dulixia@ucas.ac.cn

12. School of future technology

Contact: Ms.Wang

Tel: 010-69671742

Email: ylwang@ucas.ac.cn

13. College of earth and planetary sciences

Contact: Ms.Yu

Tel: 010-88256011

Email: ydw@ucas.ac.cn

14. College of resources and environment

Contact: Mr.Jia

Tel: 010-69672954

Email: jiaping@ucas.ac.cn

15. College of life sciences

Contact: Ms.Wang

Tel: 010-69672643

Email: wangjt@ucas.ac.cn

16. Savaid medical school

Contact: Mr.Wu

Tel: 010-69672481

Email: wulqi@ucas.ac.cn

17. College of advanced agricultural sciences

Contact: Ms.Sun

Tel: 010-64807885

Email: sunyuejia@ucas.ac.cn

18. School of computer science and technology

Contact: Ms.Li

Tel: 010-69671784

Email: liyanhua@ucas.ac.cn

19. School of cyber security

Contact: Ms.Wang

Tel: 010-82546779

Email: wangyingxin@ucas.ac.cn

20. School of electronic, electronical and communication engineering

Contact: Ms.He

Tel: 010-69671870

Email: heyisarah@ucas.ac.cn

21. School of intergrated circuits

Contact: Ms.Wang

Tel: 010-69671851

Email: wanglu2016@ucas.ac.cn

22. School of artificial intelligence

Contact: Ms.Liu

Tel: 010-88256563

Email: liufang@ucas.ac.cn

23. School of economics and management

Contact: Ms.Zhu

Tel: 010-82680681

Email: zhuyuan@ucas.ac.cn

24. School of public policy and management

Contact: Ms.Song

Tel: 010-88256385

Email: songliu@ucas.ac.cn

25. School of innovation and entrepreneurship

Contact: Ms.Ning

Tel: 010-62576881

Email: ningruike@ucas.ac.cn

26. School of humanities

Contact: Mr.Meng

Tel: 010-88256005

Email: menglingbin@ucas.ac.cn

27. School of marxism studies

Contact: Mr.Gao

Tel: 010-88256339

Email: gaoxing2010@ucas.ac.cn

28. Department of psychology

Contact: Ms.Liu

Tel: 010-69671536

Email: liutiantian@ucas.ac.cn

29. Department of foreign languages

Contact: Ms.Wang

Tel: 010-88256513/69671451

Email: wangjn@ucas.ac.cn

30. Sino-Danish college

Contact: Mr.Qin

Tel: 010-69672988

Email: yhqin@ucas.ac.cn

31. International college

Contact: Ms.Jin

Tel: 010-82680986

Email: jinyx@ucas.ac.cn

32. Continuing education school

Contact: Ms.Deng

Tel: 010-88256632

Email: denghuawei@ucas.ac.cn

33. Arts center

Contact: Mr.Zhu

Email: zhuyinjun@ucas.ac.cn

34. Kavli institute for theoretical sciences

Contact: Mr.Yan

Email: yanpeiming@ucas.ac.cn

35. International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific

Contact: Ms.Meng

Tel: 010-82648142

Email: mengfanzi@ucas.ac.cn

36. China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy

Contact: Ms.Zhang

Tel: 010-84370200-6022

Email: zhangyan@ciids.cn

37. Research center for environmental material and pollution control technology

Contact: Ms.Zhang

Tel: 010-69672977

Email: zhangsy@ucas.ac.cn

38. Beijing institute of nanoenergy and nanosystems

Contact: Mr.Zhang

Tel: 010-60688785

Email: zhangdenglun@binn.cas.cn

39. Education center

Contact: Ms.Yang

Tel: 010-82640497

Email: guoqi77@ucas.ac.cn

40. Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact: Ms.Ding

Email: dinghuimin@ucas.ac.cn

41. School of cryptology

Contact: Ms.Hu

Tel: 010-88256947

Email: hujia@ucas.ac.cn

42. School of emergency management science and engineering

Contact: Mr.Xuan

Tel: 010-69672016

Email: xuanyundong@ucas.ac.cn

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