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About Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a highly reputable university with direct affiliation to the Ministry of Education, China. It is considered among the top universities as per the list of “985 Project” and included in the “Double First-Class University Plan” (Class A) state programs for founding world-class universities. Currently, BNU runs two campuses, one in Beijing and the other in Zhuhai. BNU aims at achieving  leading-edge development in global science and humanities and social sciences.

Belt and Road School

The Belt and Road School (BRS) under BNU is a comprehensive education and research institution that supports the basic objective of promoting the Belt and Road Initiative by focusing on fostering international talents on economic and public management from the countries that are part of the BRI. The School meets the practical needs for the Belt and Road development through its focus on in-depth academic research and theoretical innovation in various fields including corporate governance, development financing, international investment and trade, international finance, emerging markets, macroeconomics, industrial economy, leadership, infrastructure development, supply chain management, financial and human resource management, international relations, public policy, international security, risk management, to name a few. BRS aims at developing a world-class professional academic research institution, built on the principles of common consensus on global development through actively carrying out social services, promoting enterprises entering China and becoming a part of the global outreach, as well as promoting exchange and mutual learning among different cultures. It ensures learning opportunities in a creative and diverse environment. The students are exposed to a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment, while having access to high-tech equipment, facilities and expertise. The students are provided opportunities to contribute to interesting projects in an environment where teamwork , initiative and creativity are nurtured.

Key disciplines for recruitment

Recruitment will be carried out in the following disciplines.

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Management
  4. Belt and Road related interdisciplinary components

Positions and eligibility criteria requirements

Applications are solicited from individuals interested for the following positions. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further selection process.

Applicants for the position of Professor/Associate Professor/lecturer are expected to:

  • Hold a Ph.D. degree in related fields from an internationally recognized institution;
  • Have a competitive record of academic publications in peer reviewed top international journals;
  • Have excellent research skills, innovation potential, and good teamwork ability.

Candidates should:

  • Teach MBA/MPA courses in English;
  • Guide students in thesis writing;
  • Obtain and manage grants and funding (external to the home institution)
  • Publish high-quality academic achievements;
  • Actively participate in academic activities of BRS.

Remuneration and benefits

  1. * Competitive remuneration and access to research funds
  2. * Right to rent an apartment in the university or apply for housing allowance
  3. * Right to apply for purchasing housing with joint property rights in the university campus
  4. * Access to quality basic education resources covering preschool and the entire compulsory education stage for their school aged children


Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai campus)

Application requirements

Please send your application according to the title “Name-Position” at [email protected]. The application must include the following

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV of the applicant)
  2. Letter of interest
  3. Recommendation letter from previous employer/or faculty etc
  4. Major academic achievements, professional certificates or letter of appointment.