Wenzhou University English Teacher Recruitment

Job Description


The School of Foreign Studies (SFS), whose predecessors include the Foreign Language Section established in 1961 under Wenzhou Normal College (WNC) and the Foreign Trade and Economics Teaching and Research Office established in 1985 under the former Wenzhou University (WZU), officially came into being in January 2005 through the merger of the College of Foreign Languages of WNC and the Foreign Language Teaching Department of the former WZU. Currently, SFS consists of four departments of English, Translation & Interpreting, Japanese, and Foreign Language Teaching for Non-majors, offering three BA programs in English Language & Literature, Translation & Interpreting, and Japanese Language & Literature, and two MA programs in Translation & Interpreting and Subject Teaching (English).

Well-structured in teacher resources, SFS has 99 faculty and staff, among which 87 are full-time teachers, including 7 international teachers, 28 full and associate professors, and 30 Ph.D holders. By now, SFS houses 6 research institutes of European Studies, Translation and International Communication Studies, Comparative Literature and Trans-cultural Studies, Overseas Chinese Public Diplomacy, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and Silk Road Languages and Cultures.

Upholding the spirit of its motto “Pursuing Brilliance, Connecting the World”, SFS forges ahead with enterprise and fortitude as a teaching and research-oriented college. Teaching, with the focus on specialty construction, is the central task and cornerstone of the School, while research, aiming to develop discipline construction, empowers the School. Meanwhile, SFS thrives and distinguishes itself by meeting the social needs. The teachers of SFS have won prizes at different levels in both teaching and research, such as the second prize in the Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Science in Zhejiang Province, the first prize in the Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education in Zhejiang Province, the first prize in the Provincial Teaching Competition for Young College Teachers, and the third prize in the National Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers.

SFS is devoted to nurturing high-caliber foreign language professionals who not only conform to the development of China, but also cater to the needs of the immediate areas. Over the years, the TEM4 and TEM8 first-time pass rate of the English major students is over 40% higher than the national average rate, and its number of winners and ranking in teaching skills contest for teachers-college students are among the top three in Zhejiang Province. Following the international development strategy in an effort to raise application-oriented and innovative foreign language talents, it cooperates with Siena University, Italy for a 2+2 dual-degree program, and universities in the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and Japan for 3+1, 2+1 exchange programs.

Position 1: Professor of English and Related Subject Courses

Job Rank Associate Professor, Full Professor
Position Summary Candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas are welcome to apply: Linguistics; Literature; Translation; English language teaching; Intercultural Communication.The successful candidates are expected to: give lectures on English language, literature, linguistics, and/or translation; mentor English or translation students in research; and publish academic papers or books.

Qualifications PhD holders in a field related to English language, linguistics, literature or translation.

Job Requirement

Applicants should possess a PhD degree in a related discipline and be committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching and project supervision. Candidates should also ideally have a track record of scholarly publications and the potential to develop this further.

Length of contract 1-8 years
Required Teaching Hours8 hours of class (1 hour of class = 40 minutes) plus office hour (1-2 hours) per week
Time Status Full-time

Position 2: English Language Teacher

Job Rank: Lecturer

Position Summary: Young foreign language teachers who can teach courses in English language, literature, linguistics and/or translation.

Qualifications: Native English speakers with a bachelor or higher degree in English Language or closely related fields from an accredited college or university; have at least 2-year teaching experience or equivalent working experiences at the university level. Applicants with TESOL will be preferred.

Length of contract: 1 year

Required Teaching Hours: 16 hours of class (1 hour of class = 40 minutes) plus office hour (1-2 hours) per week

Time Status: Full-time

Remuneration Package for International Teachers


1. Bonus Plan:
1) The work performance is evaluated every semester. The bonus plan is as follows:For teachers who are rated “excellence”: RMB 2,500; For teachers who are rated “good”: RMB 1,500;For teachers who are rated “pass”: RMB 1,000
2) Transport Allowance: RMB 10,000 per school year

If a candidate demonstrates ability to undertake independent research leading to outcomes with a strong impact, such as publication in high-quality, internationally recognized, indexed journals and scholarly presses, a better remuneration package will be negotiated case by case.